Band In A Box Styles

Ray Price Shuffle Styles for Band-In-A-Box - $9.00

Meticulously constructed by BIAB wizard Jim Baron, these 8 styles are a traditional steel guitarist's dream. Six are variations of the regular 4 beats to a measure shuffles. The last one is a waltz, for use on songs like "24th Hour". Here are some audio samples created with 4 of these styles:

This is the regular shuffle, no walks going on.

Walks going from 1 to 4 and 5 to 1 chord.

This style allows for an optional triplet before the walk.

Ray Price shuffle waltz, for a song like “24th hour”.

The styles all use the same instrument voicings, so you can mix them within a song. Remember you can change styles at any measure in the song, just “right click” on the bar your working on and choose “bar settings”. In this way, you can easily give a little different feel to the bridge from the verse, etc.

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Thanks to Jim Baron for making this offer possible!