Love of Bare Feet

Jerry Byrd’s “Steel Guitar Romantic World” LP ends with beautiful song entitled “Love of Bare Feet”. The album is a collection of Japanese pop songs. I suspect something was lost in translation of the title. A Google search turns up nothing.

Jerry played this song on a 7-string Rickenbacker steel tuned C diatonic: E F G A B C E. No pedals.

I’d like to hear the original Japanese version of this song. If you know anything about it, please leave a comment.

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Blue Jade

Here’s a beautiful instrumental by the world’s greatest, Buddy Emmons.

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Ray Charles featuring Buddy Emmons

Ray+Charles+-+Volcanic+Action+Of+My+Soul+-+LP+RECORD-530160This recording of Wichita Lineman contains one of my all-time favorite steel guitar solos by Buddy Emmons.  It’s an example of perfect musicianship.  I can’t imagine any better.

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