Ray Charles featuring Buddy Emmons

Ray+Charles+-+Volcanic+Action+Of+My+Soul+-+LP+RECORD-530160This recording of Wichita Lineman contains one of my all-time favorite steel guitar solos by Buddy Emmons.  It’s an example of perfect musicianship.  I can’t imagine any better.

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4 Responses to Ray Charles featuring Buddy Emmons

  1. Henry Senior says:

    beautiful.. ! only heard Buddy play this as an instrumental before

  2. Susan Alcorn Lobato says:

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  3. Country says:

    That steel is just right, Buddy Emmons is my all time favorite player. I am a singer songwriter in Nashville and not a steel guitar player. I love the sound of the steel and have been fortunate to work with “Cowboy” Eddie Long, Mike Sweeney, Barrett Williams ( studied under Cowboy and Mike ) and Paul Franklin. All of these gentlemen were great players and really nice guys. Buddy is still my favorite though. Keep up the great work on your site!!

  4. Ron says:

    remember this version ??

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