Tommy White’s SGHOF Nomination

This is the text of Tom Bradshaw’s letter to the Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame nominating Tommy White.  The letter itself has proper formatting that was hard to convert for this blog.  You can see the original as a PDF file here (thanks to Bruce Linde).

As a result of Tom’s efforts, Tommy White was inducted into the HOF in 2013.


Tom Bradshaw

P.O. Box 931 — Concord, CA  94522

Phone: 925-798-9936



Committee of the Hall of Fame

Steel Guitar Convention Board

9535 Midland Blvd.

St. Louis, MO  63114

Subject: Hall of Fame Nomination of Tommy White

Tommy White’s accomplishments over the past 38 years are detailed in the headings that follow. His accumulated “musical credentials” listed herein should confirm the profound impact he has had on the advancement of the steel guitar and his influence on the players of the instrument. During those 38 years he has projected the steel guitar as a dominant sound in Country Music.

Getting Started:Tommy White was born on January 9, 1960 in Louisville, Kentucky, the son of Tom White Jr., an accomplished steel guitarist. With his father teaching, Tommy quickly distinguished himself with his fast-paced proficiency, prompting some observers to view him as a child prodigy.

Tommy’s musical achievements as a youth can be documented in annual increments: At age 9 he received his first pedal steel. By 10 he was playing small clubs and other venues in and about his hometown of Louisville. By 11 he was so advanced as to be recruited by Grand Ole Opry member and star, Stu Phillips. As a member of Stu’s ensemble, he toured Michigan, playing concerts in high school auditoriums and at private parties. When 13 he was performing at steel guitar shows and other events including occasional subbing for his dad with Red and Gene Stewart, Red being the writer of “Tennessee Waltz”. That also included several performances with Pee Wee King’s Golden West Cowboys. At 14, he was the staff steel guitarist for the Lincoln Jamboree, in Hodgenville, Kentucky, the birthplace of our 16th President. This Jamboree was, and still remains, Kentucky’s most prestigious Country Music venue, using an Opry-like format while hosting regional artists and national stars. By 15 he was giving informal lessons to local beginning steel guitarists. And at that same time, Ron Lashley of the Emmons’ Guitar Company took note of Tommy’s musical talent, producing the teenager’s first album, “Tommy White, 100 Proof Steel, Aged 15 Years”. When 16, Tommy was hired by Grammy award winner, Donna Fargo, a job that launched his professional career, leading to the accumulation of the following body of work. Mastering the steel guitar could be said to be his life’s obsession.


Tommy’s touring history has placed him in close proximity with thousands of music enthusiasts who have been exposed to the steel guitar and his mastery of it. It cannot be known how many of those enthusiasts were encouraged to also play the instrument simply because of Tommy’s performance skills with, but assuredly those skills caused all to appreciate the instrument’s capabilities and its musical potential.

With Stu Phillips, 1971-1972: (previously detailed).
With Donna Fargo, 1976-1985: Each year of his touring with Fargo brought Tommy before thousands of people at 30 to 175 different locations in the US and Canada. Notable venues included The Golden Nugget and Four Queens in Las Vegas; Gilly’s in Texas, and the Wolftrapp in Virginia. These dates also included numerous coliseums, civic centers and famous theaters coast to coast. One tour included performing with the Kansas City symphony with one of Elvis Presley’s conductors, Joe Guercio.

With The Whites and Ricky Skaggs, 1985-1993: These tours involved 100 to 150 dates a year. Although the Whites employed Tommy, Ricky Skaggs was often included as a headliner because Ricky and Sharon White were husband and wife. This touring once included a “Heads of State” dinner in Washington, D.C. Also included were many corporate events in which Skaggs was the headliner. The Whites and Donna Fargo did appear separately, but had similar touring schedules and appearance dates. Many of those dates were at the largest music festivals, one of significance being the “Jamboree in the Hills” in St. Clairsville, Ohio.  Well over sixty thousand people were in attendance at each of the three appearances Tommy made there with Fargo and the Whites at that venue. With The Whites, Tommy’s concert travels also took him to Israel, Bahrain, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Germany, England, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Canada.

With Vince Gill, 2005-2006: This touring consisted of 10 road dates, one being at the Florida Strawberry Festival, attended by thousands. Also included were appearances at many Civic Centers, and interestingly, at private auctions. As an aside, Tommy was originally asked to join Vince Gill’s band some 18 years ago. Tommy declined the offer, but recommended John Hughey in his place. The result of that recommendation became somewhat historic, since it led to John’s recording style being closely associated with Gill.

With Steve Wariner, 2007-2008: For the past 2 years, Tommy has accepted occasional road dates with Steve, allowing him to “get out of town and have a break from my Grand Ole Opry schedule”. Steve plays about 6 dates annually, mostly in Texas. There, large dance halls draw hundreds of people, one being the “Cowboys Club” in Dallas, Texas, “which is always packed” states Tommy.


The following are the major artists with whom Tommy has recorded, being the sole steel guitarist on nearly every album on this list.

Artist or Group: Album Title: Instrument: Year

The WhitesDoing It By The Book Steel 1988
Stonewall Jackson Stonewall Jackson & & Super Friends Steel 1990
Tom Stripe Never Too LateDobro & Steel1991
Mr. FingersIntroductionSteel1992
Tim TeschTim TeschSteel1992
The Cox FamilyEverybody’s Reaching Out For SomeoneSteel1993
Jody KingPhotographs & MemoriesSteel1993
ShenandoahUnder The KudzuDobro & Steel1993
Various ArtistsChess Rhythm & RollSteel1994
Various ArtistsAlwaysDobro & Steel1995
Craig ChambersNot Just Another Pretty HatSteel1995
Roger Brown & Swing CityRoger Brown & Swing CitySteel1996
The MartinsWherever You Are Dobro & Steel1996
Various ArtistsAmazing Grace,Vol.2, “A Country Salute To Gospel”Steel1997
Tom T. HallHome GrownDobro & Steel1997
Pam GaddLongRoadSteel1997
Various ArtistsAwesome God, “A Tribute to Rich MullinsSteel1998
Chonda PierceHavin’ A Girls’ Night OutSteel1998
Prince Of EgyptOriginal Soundtrack        Steel1998
Various Artists         Through The Skies         Steel1998
Gary Chapman         Outside         Lap Steel & Steel1999
John Michael Montgomery         Brand New Me         Steel2000
Jeff Best         Bud’s A Little Weiser Now        Steel2000
Jessica King         Gift         Steel2000
Jeff & Sheri EasterOrdinary Day         Dobro & Steel2000
The Crabb Family         Pray         Steel2000
Various Artists         Sessions, Vol. 2         Steel2000
Ricky Lynn Gregg         Careful What You Wish For       Dobro & Steel2001
The Oak Ridge Boys         From The Heart         Dobro & Steel2001
Joe Diffie         In Another World         Dobro & Steel2001
Wendy Manley         Indigo Blue        Steel2002
Robert Owens     “Love Will Find Its Way”
The Best of Robert OwensSteel2002
Joe NicholsMan With a MemorySteel2002
Bluegrass All-StarsBluegrass All-StarsDobro & Steel2003

Play Country Classics

The Crabb FamilyCrabb CollectionSteel2003
Paul Brewster         Everybody’s Talkin’                  Dobro, Steel & Pedalbro2003
Gerald Crabb         Roads That I’ve Traveled         Dobro & Steel2004
Various Artists         Blues Tribute to Eric Clapton     Dobro2004
Cary Grace         Book of Rhymes         Dobro & Steel2004
Various Artists         Chiristian Kidz!Dobro & Steel2004

Circle of Friends
Del WayMercy Came DownSteel2004
Joe NicholsRevelationSteel2004
Stephen AnthonyStephen AnthonyDobro & Steel2004
Ray PillowCountry ClassSteel2005
Various ArtistsAerograss         Dobro & Steel2005
Kenny Chesney         Be As You Are (SongsFrom an Old Blue Chair)Dobro & Steel2005
Various Artists         Beatlesgrass         Dobro & Steel2005
Various Artists         Best Uv Gass         Dobro & Steel2005
Various Artists         Deadgrass         Dobro & Steel2005
Various Artists         Eagles Grass         Dobro & Steel2005
Various Artists         FleetwoodgrassDobro & Steel2005
Various Artists         GospelgrassDobro & Steel2005
Various Artists         Grassroots         Dobro & Steel2005
Various Artists         Kidsgrass         Dobro & Steel2005
Cirrha Niva         Liaison de la Morte         Steel2005
The Crabb Family         Locket         Dobro & Steel2005
Various Artists         Marleygrass         Dobro & Steel2005
McRaes         Perfect Love         Dobro & Steel2005
Various Artists         Simon & Grassfunkel         Dobro & Steel2005
Danney Ball         Songwrangler         Steel2005
Various Artists         Stonesgrass         Dobro & Steel2005
Various Artists         Taylorgrass         Dobro & Steel2005
The Crabb Family         Blur The Lines             Steel, Sitar &
The Crabb Family         Blur The Lines         Steel, Sitar &

Various ArtistsElvisgrassDobro & Steel2006
Pam TillisJust Another TimeDobro & Steel2006

For Christmas
Pat WatersRight Where I Belong         Steel2006
Austins Bridge         Austins Bridge         Steel, Dobro, Sitar2007Weissenborn
Various Artists    “Boots Too Big Too Fill”Dobro & Steel2007
Tribute to Gene AutryDobro & Steel2007

Various ArtistsHave Yourself A MerryDobro & Steel2007
Little Christmas
David Ball         Heartaches by the Number         Steel2007
Sherry Lynn         It’s A Woman Thing         Steel2007
Jernie         Jernie         Dobro & Steel2007
Jerry Adams         Jerry Adams         Steel2007
Karen Peck & New River         Journey of Joy         Dobro, Sitar & Steel2007
Daniel Lee Martin         On My Way To You         Steel2007
Various Artists CashgrasDobro & Steel2007

Jerry KilgoreLoaded and EmptySteel2007
Cindy StandageSame Red HairDobro & Steel2007
Grand Ole Opry Staff BandGrand Ole Opry Country

Classics, Vol. 1 (Recorded   live on the Opry stage)Steel2007
Vince GillSatisfied Mind         Steel2007
Various ArtistsGospel Favorites From

The Grand Ole OprySteel2008

Ronnie Millsap Amazing GraceSteel2008
Ricky Skaggs & The Whites         Family Bible         Steel2008
Various Artists         Cashgrass         Steel2008
Jerry Kilgore         Loaded & Empty         Steel2008


The artists in the following list are those that Tommy can recall recording for, the recorded work eventually ending up on albums. But, the session work listed here did not lead to an album being released on which Tommy was the sole steel guitarist (as emphasized in the previous list).

Jerry Adams

Stephen Anthony

Danney Ball

David Ball

Jeff Best

Paul Brewster

Austin’s Bridge

Roger Brown & Swing City

Garth Brooks

Craig Chambers

Gary Chapman

Kenny Chesney

The Cox Family

Gerald Crab

The Crabb Family

Joe Diffie

Jeff & Sheri Easter

Pam Gadd

Vince Gill

Cary Grace

Ricky Lynn Gregg

Stonewall Jackson

Jerry Kilgore

Jody King

Jernie Sherry Lynn

Wendy Manley

The Martins

Daniel Lee Martin


Ronnie Milsap

John Michael Montgomery

Joe Nichols

Oak Ridge Boys

Karen Peck & New River

Chonda Pierce

Ray Pillow

Ricky Skaggs

Cindy Standage

Tim Tesch

Pam Tillis

Billy Walker

Pat Waters

Del Way

The Whites


It is impossible for Tommy to remember the hundreds of custom recordings and albums he has recorded, involving unknowns: those being people wishing to have demo-recordings for presentations to major record labels or “vanity-recordings” by individuals wanting to simply have a recording of their own voice or music! Many recordings have included gospel groups and nightclub acts by performers wanting albums or CD’s for demonstration presentations. There were also innumerable sessions of jingle recordings for radio and TV distribution.


Promotional videos are made for advertising the upcoming release and sale of albums produced by artists and groups.  Tommy has appeared and participated in the making of the following:

Title:Artist or Group:Year:

“Its Not What You Know”The Whites1988
“The Smith Brothers”The Smith Brothers1996
“A Night To Remember”Joe Diffie1999
“An Evening of E9th”Tommy White & Lloyd Green2002
“Hot Licks & Cool TipsEducational video by Tommy White1999
Alan Jackson performance videoAllen Jackson2006
…and Numerous Videos of artists playing on the Grand Ole Opry


The Prince of Egypt, a Disney movie, released in the mid-‘90s.
The Apostle, a Robert Duvall film, released in the mid-‘90s.


From 1993 to 1999, Tommy taped TV shows 5 days a week for TNN. Such shows included background tracks for every commercial break play-in and play-out. He was also a featured performer on dozens of the show’s instrumental selections. This resulted in extensive exposure of the steel sound to the millions of the viewers who watched those shows.  The following are the most significant shows Tommy is able to recall:

– Jerry Lewis Telethon 1970’s
– The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, NBC, 1976
– Phil Donohue Show, 1976
– Merv Griffin Show, 1977
– The Tommy Hunter Show, 1980’s
– Church Street Station, TNN, 1980’s, various shows
– On Stage, TNN, 1980’s, various shows
– Austin City Limits, PBS, 1988, 1989, 1990
– Trinity Broadcast Network (various shows), 1988-1989
– Nashville Now w/Ralph Emery, TNN, 80’s & 90’s, various shows
– New Country, TNN, 1986, 1987
– The 700 Club (The Whites, Glen Campbell & Ricky Skaggs) 1991
– Music City News Awards, TNN, 1996 (house band)
– Music City Tonight , TNN (house band), 1993-1996
– Prime Time Country, TNN (house band), 1996-1999
– CMT TV special with Joe Diffie at The Factory in Franklin, 1999
– Academy of Country Music Awards, 2001-current
– The Dottie Rambo Special, 2003
– 100 Greatest Duets, CMT, 2005
– The Grand Ole Opry Gospel Special, CMT, 2008
– Crook & Chase, RFDTV, 2008-current


The Grand Ole Opry, WSM, Nashville, TN (previously discussed) – [1986 to present time]
Classic Country, WSM, Nashville, TN [This is an existing weekly show which plays clips from past Opry performances]

Eddie Stubbs interview, WSM, Nashville TN. (2003]
Sho-Bud Showcase, WSM, Nashville, TN. [1971]


“Tommy White, 100 Proof Steel, Aged 15 Years”, 1975
“Tommy White By Request”, Teresa White Productions, 2002


Tommy White “Hot Licks & Cool Tips” video, 1999 (Currently available on
“Tommy White By Request” 120 page tab booklet, 2002 (Currently available from or directly from Tommy).


Lemon Tree Lounge w/ Mike Lunsford & Whiskey River – 1979-1983. , [Louisville, KY]
Doc Holidays w/ Peggy Jo & Buntline Special – 1983-1985, [Louisville, KY]


Kentucky Tourism Commercials, 1979-1986
Various McDonalds Commercials, 1986 to present
Various Budweiser Commercials, 2003 to present


  1. Two week USO Persian Gulf Tour, 1991 (performing on the aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower while under way, and at various US Military bases in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Bahrain, and Egypt).
  2. The Steel Guitar Convention in St. Louis, beginning in 1971, when 12 years old, with approximately 10 additional appearances.



  1. In 1997, the Pedal Steel Guitar Association provided Tommy with an “Appreciation” Award at the International Steel Guitar Convention.
  2. In 1983, the County Commissioners of Jefferson County, Kentucky gave Tommy a “Certificate of Appreciation” for donating his time playing at community events.
  3. In 1986 Tommy was given an “Appreciation Award” from the ISGC Convention in St. Louis.
  4. A “Gold Record” award for his recording as a sideman on the Joe Nichols album, “Man With A Memory”. Tommy states, “This is the only ‘official’ award give to sidemen on an album, even though many of the albums Tommy has played on have achieved ‘Gold’ and ‘Platinum’ sales records.”
  5. Tommy was approached many years ago and consented to be an Advisory Board member of the Pedal Steel Guitar Association.


  1. Tommy was instrumental in helping with the design of the “TW” pickup for the George L Company. This “name-sake” pickup has been received well by buyers since 2002.
  2. Tommy was asked to approve a string design that launched the Jagwire String Company in 1994.
  3. If the following MySpace web site is examined, Tommy’s contributions to it become quite apparent.


For 23 years Tommy has worked for or in tandem with the Grand Ole Opry organization in one form or another.  For the past 11 years, however, Tommy has been a member of the Opry radio and TV staff bands (previously referenced). Because of his tenure in all these venues, as well as many other television shows, live concerts, touring and numerous sundry gigs, he just may have backed more Country Music artists than any other steel guitarist in the instrument’s history. In that capacity, he has had to replicate the accompaniment styles, techniques and effects of those performing vocalists who previously recorded the songs performed. This is often an overlooked quality of a musician’s talent, and has surely contributed to his mainstay membership in the ever-changing Opry band. For this, he has received recognition and accolades from steel guitarists around the world. Those many listeners and observers expect to see and hear him on all Opry broadcasts and, frankly, any other televised Country Music broadcast.

Some artists may be missing from the following list of those he has accompanied on the hundreds of various performances as a backup player, but the list is still impressive if not staggering.

Alphabetical List of Artists and Groups Tommy has backed on the Opry, various TV Series and Award shows:


Jason Aldean

Lynn Anderson

Gary Allan

Bill Anderson

Chet Atkins

Trace Adkins

Rodney Adkins

Chet Akins

Rex Allen, Jr.

Jessica Andrews

Hoyt Axton

Steve Azar

Ernie Ashworth

Rattlesnake Annie

Lady Antebellum

Deborah Allen

Keith Anderson


Eddie Arnold


Dirks Bentley

Jim Ed Brown

Paul Brandt

James Bonamy

Barbi Benton

Chuck Berry

Larry Boone

Clint Black

Bobby Bare

David Ball

Garth Brooks

Sawyer Brown

Tracy Byrd

Luke Bryan

John Berry

Matraca Berg

Lisa Hartman-Black

Chad Brock

Kevin Bacon

Johnny Bush

Marty Brown


George Canyon

Floyd Cramer

Billie Ray Cyrus

Ray Charles

Eric Church

David Allan Coe

Chris Cagel

Mary Chapin Carpenter

Sheryl Crow

Mark Chestnutt

Chubby Checker

Dixie Chicks

Kenney Chesney

Rodney Crowell

Bobbie Cryner

Jumpin’ Bill Carlisle

Roy Clark

Billy “Crash” Craddock

Melodie Crittenden

Carlene Carter

Dina Carter

Bucky Covington

The Crabb Family

Terry Clark

John Conlee

Gary Chapman

Rita Coolidge

Rosanne Cash

Tammy Cochran

Kellie Coffey

Jessi Colter

Guy Clark

Sylvia Chalee


The Derailers

Roy Druskey

Davis Daniel

Martin Delray

Charlie Daniels

Iris Dement

Joe Diffie

Johnny Duncan

Dave Dudley

Jimmy Dean

Holly Dunn

John Denver

Joe Diffie

Jimmie Davis

Doyle Dykes

Little Jimmy Dickens

Deryl Dodd


Sarah Evans

Steve Earle

Scotty Emerick

Katrina Elam


Glen Frey

Barbara Fairchild

Shelly Fairchild

Janie Fricke

Kevin Fowler

Cleve Francis

The Forester Sisters

Pete Fountaine

Francis Foster

Freddie Fender

David Frizzell

Radney Foster


Gregg Clinton Gregory

The Girls Next Door

Andy Griffith

Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers

Jack Green

Montgomery Gentry

Mickey Gilley

Amy Grant

Billy Gilman

Lee Greenwood

Point of Grace

David Gates

Arlo Guthrie

Don Gibson

Vince Gill

Tompall Glaser

Jim Glaser

Ray Griff

Crystal Gail

Vern Gosdin

Tammy Graham

Billy Gramer

Nancy Griffith

Andy Griggs


Jan Howard

George Hamilton, V

James House

Rebecca Lynn Howard

Marcus Hummon

The Hagger Twins

Black Hawk

Freddie Hart

Florence Henderson

Restless Heart

Wade Hayes

Emmylou Harris

Tom T. Hall

Big House

Keith Harling

Ty Herndon

Steve Holy

Don Henley

Don Ho


Jack Ingram

Sonya Isaacs


Buddy Jewel

Grandpa Jones

George Jones

Waylon Jennings

The Judds

Stonewall Jackson

Brett James

Sonny James

Norma Jean

Shooter Jennings

Davy Jones

Carolyn Dawn Johnson


Kris Kristofferson

Hal Ketchum

Doug Kershaw

Alison Krauss

The Kendalls

David Kersh

Pee Wee King

The Kinleys

Jerry Kilgore

Merle Kilgore

Sammy Kershaw



George Lindsey

Charlie Louvin

Rockie Lynne

Shelby Lynne

Johnny Lee

Ricky Lynn

Lone Star

Patti Loveless

Jerry Lee Lewis

Lane Larsen

Hank Locklin

Albert Lee

Miranda Lambert

John D. Loudermilk

Loretta Lynn

Tracy Lawrence

Vicki Lawrence


Anne Murray

Shane Minor

Mac Mcanally

Allison Moorer

Craig Morgan

Richard Marx

Ronnie Milsap

Michael McDonald

Delbert McClinton

Hannah / McEuen

McBride & The Ride

Th Mavericks

Dean Miller

Barbara Mandrell

Reba McEntire

The McCarters

Baker & Meyers

Louise Mandrell

Neil McCoy

Mel McDaniel

John Michael Montgomery

Lorrie Morgan

Lila McCann

Brian McComas

Melba Montgomery

Megan Mullins

Mindy McCready

Pake McEntire

The Mavericks

Mila Mason

Kathy Mattea

David Lee Murphy

Bill Monroe

Martina McBride

Tim Wilson

Tim Mensey

Jo Dee Messina

Gibson/Miller Band


Jimmy C. Newman

Willie Nelson

Aaron Neville

Olivia Newton-John

Juice Newton

Joe Nichols

Diamond Rio Jewel


Robert Ellis Orrall

Paul Overstreet

Mark O’Connor

Jamie O’Neal

The Osborne Brothers

Randy Owen

Marie Osmond

Donny Osmond

Oak Ridge Boys


Jeannie Pruett

Charley Pride

Brad Paisley

Ray Pillow

Lee Roy Parnell

Danielle Peck

Kelly Pickler

Karen Peck & New River

Johnny Paycheck

Rissi Palmer

Dolly Parton


Linda Ronstadt

Lou Rawls

Tim Rushlow

Kenny Rogers

Johnny Rodriguez

Jerry Reed

Jeannie C. Riley

Leann Rimes

Eddie Rabbit

Eddie Raven

Ronna Reeves

Collin Ray

Charlie Rich

Boots Randolph

Julie Roberts

Big & Rich

John Wesley Ryles


Ray Stevens

Red Stegal

The Statler Brothers

Joel Sonjia

Michael W. Smith


Marty Stuart

Ricky Skaggs

Connie Smith

Cal Smith

T.G. Sheppard

Larry Stewart

Lisa Stewart

Keith Stegall

Gary Stewart

Ray Scott

Dawn Sears

Jason Sellers

Kevin Sharp

Jeannie Seely

Jean Sheppard

Earl Scruggs

John Snider

Hank Snow

Doug Stone

Taylor Swift

Victoria Shaw



Daryle Singletary

Jimmy Sturr Orchestra

Dan Seals

Blake Shelton

Sweethearts of the Rodeo

Sunny Sweeney

Ashton Shepherd

Billy Joe Shaver

Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith

South 65

Connie Smith


B.J. Thomas

Travis Tritt

Little Texas

Keni Thomas

Hank Thompson

Trent Tomlinson

Aaron Tippin

Randy Travis

Josh Turner

Shania Twain


Cyndi Thomson

Tanya Tucker


Carrie Underwood

Keith Urban


Leroy Van Dyke

Ricky Van Shelton

Phil Vasser

Bobby Vinton

Rhonda Vincent


John & Audrey Wiggins

Don Williams

Kelly Willis

Don Walser

The Warren Brothers

Jimmy Wayne

Bryan White

Clay Walker

The Whites

Leona Williams

Gene Watson

Chuck Wicks

Shelley West

Kitty Wells

Charlie Walker

Billy Walker

Tom Wopat

Porter Wagoner

The Wynans

Steve Wariner

Mark Wills

Lari White

Darryl Worley

Box Car Willie

Trent Willmon

Hank Williams, Jr.

Lee Ann Womack

Tammy Wynette

The Wrights

Chely Wright


Chris Young

Trishia Yearwood

Faron Young


With this comprehensive summary of Tommy’s body of work, I’ll not provide further grounds to support my contention that his accomplishments qualify him for induction into the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame.


Tom Bradshaw

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