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Nashville steel guitarist Bobbe Seymour published an email newsletter for steel guitarists for several years. Those Bobbe’s Tips emails contain a wealth of information about the history of the steel guitar, maintaining your instrument, current trends, new products, etc.. They also include some of Bobbe’s best stories about life on the road and in the studio with Nashville’s biggest stars of yesteryear.

Steel Guitar Amp Survey

This is Vic Lawson with today’s newsletter. We thought it might be fun to have a survey and some feedback on designing a solid state amp. So we’re going to start with two basic formats and you guys can fill … Continue reading

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Is Country Music Dead?

This is Bob Hempker. We received this email from Chris Smith and I’m impressed by how eloquently he expressed the frustration so many of us feel. Chris, I wish I had the answers to your questions, but I don’t. We … Continue reading

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Live Steel Music in Nashville

Vic Lawson with today’s newsletter. I’d like to start with a congrats to Bob Hempker for getting the call to go back to work for Loretta Lynn. Bob plays very well and sure needs to be playing more so congrats … Continue reading

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