Visitors at Steel Guitar Nashville; Peavey N112 Amp

This is Bob Hempker. We’ve been busy sprucing up the store making it cozy for all you folks when you come to visit. We look forward to seeing friends both old and new. After all, this is the steel guitar toy store and we want you to enjoy yourself when you drop by.

An old friend stopped in today that I hadn’t seen in years. John Brown, about as generic a name as you can get. John and I worked together with Loretta for years. Some of you may remember John with Nat Stuckey or Donna Fargo. John also worked the Country Tonite Show up in Branson.

It was great seeing him. We had a wonderful visit. John is one of the best drummers I’ve ever worked with. He’s a metronome as far as timing and he can lay down a groove with the best of them.

Billy Poe was in the other day and got his guitar repaired. I’ve known Billy since I got to town in 1969 and he is a dear friend. Vic Lawson did some work on his Emmons for him.

Mike Johnson was in recently and had some work done to his Emmons guitar. Mike Daly and Doug Jernigan come in here all the time. These are all world class players. Mike Johnson is one of the most in-demand studio musicians in Nashville. Mike Daly plays for Hank Jr. and Travis Tritt and Doug Jernigan needs no introduction.

I’m often asked about my equipment, what I own, use, recommend and don’t recommend. I recommend buying the best equipment you can afford because you’ve got to live and work with that equipment long after you’ve paid for it. If making money depends on your equipment, that’s even more reason to buy the best you can afford.

None of us can afford shoddy equipment that can cost us work. Be sure to consider this whenever you buy something. Cutting corners can mean selling yourself short.

I’m amazed at how good the Nashville 112 performs. For decades, the thought of taking a small amp with one 12″ speaker and 80 watts of power to do a show was just unheard of.

I have had an assortment of amps through the years with 15″ speakers, 300, 400, 500 and even 1000 watts. I’ve had different configurations of preamps, power amps, speaker cabinets and the like. I’ve spent thousands of dollars. But this little Nashville 112 gets the job done. And it doesn’t take a gorilla with a crane to lift it.

From the best I can tell, the amp is very durable. I’ve dropped mine pretty hard a couple of times and it didn’t hurt it. Peavey certainly has the reputation for reliability. I’ve used it setting on the floor, off the floor and it seems to work in any situation as long as it’s placed somewhere I can hear it.

It has a headphone jack in the back, an effects loop and all the things you’d expect in a modern day amp. I know most of you already have one and some of you have two, but just in case you’re sitting on the fence thinking about a new amp, come in, sit down and give it a play or give us a call and let’s talk. It’s an unbeatable amp and you won’t beat our price anywhere.

I’d also like to mention that we get new and different equipment in daily so please check our website if you’re looking for anything. At the moment we have an especially good selection of used equipment that works just like new and you can save some good money.

We have a mix and match sale for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Here’s the link:

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