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This is Bob Hempker with today’s newsletter. Actually this might be more of a rant than enlightening and informative. So here it is. If you have a problem with another dealer, you have to work it out with him, not us. If you order something from someone else and they take your money but don’t deliver the product, you can’t come in here and expect us to give you our stock for free.

I certainly feel sorry for people when things like this happen and we do everything we can to help everybody who walks into our establishment, but I’ve got to wonder if some people are real or what. Sorry for the rant. No, I won’t give details. Nuff said.

Another thing, if you call us and ask what a guitar is worth, we don’t do appraisals over the phone. If you want to know what a guitar is worth, bring it in and we do appraisals for $50.

Now let’s talk about the steel show last Saturday. I had a wonder time at the North Tennessee Steel Guitar Association show. I got to see a lot of friends that I don’t get to see very often and visit. I got to hear some really, really great steel guitar players also.

I had a great time doing my Loretta Lynn set with Brenda Allen. She is the real deal and a genuine sweetheart to work with. She regularly sings at “The Junkyard” in Fairview, Tennessee. You may want to go and check her out some Friday night or look her up on Facebook. She also has a CD out.

I got to play with some of my old Loretta Lynn band mates, Dave Thornhill and Dennis Digby. We played together for so many years. It’s sort of nice to reunite occasionally. Dennis is the father of Amber Digby. When you’ve got Dennis for a dad, Darrell McCall for an uncle and Dicky Overby for a step-father, you’re bound to make a splash in the music business.

My sincere gratitude goes out to Jan Jones, Danny Spinks and all the other NTSGA people for putting such a great show on. These shows are a Who’s Who of steel guitar royalty. It was wonderful to see Buddy Emmons there even though he didn’t play.

This morning I listened to a CD that I obtained last Saturday. Sid Hudson is such an incredible player for both guitar and steel guitar. He plays with a straight pick and wears finger picks on his second and third fingers. The CD is great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for the CD Sid.

Another one of my favorite players was there. Mike McGee from Springfield, MO. Man what a great player and a wonderful guy. If he’s on a steel show near your area, be sure to go and check him out.

We had to play somewhat loud because none of the amps were miked. My little Nashville 112 amp really performed well and so did my Emmons LeGrande III guitar.

Tommy Young performed magic with this guitar and did one of his max-tone modifications to it. The guitar was a good sounding guitar before that but his modification really made it come alive. I don’t even know or care what he did to it, whatever it was really made the guitar come alive.

I’d like to thank Walt Cunningham and Greg Galbreath for playing our set with us and adding their wonderful talents to our part of the show.

I can’t begin to mention all the great players that were in attendance. I don’t want to slight anyone by not mentioning them specifically, but it would take 30 pages to cover everything and everyone adequately.

I’ve been spending some time with the two new Fessenden guitars we have in stock and they really are well-built quality guitars. They’re just waiting to make their new owners happy. We also have some fine Mullen and GFI guitars as well as various used instruments.

Remember what Vic always says, we’re here to serve steel players, not sound men.


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