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This is Vic Lawson with today’s newsletter. We are putting together what we hope will turn into a series of workshops. We are in a unique position here in Nashville of having some of the top steel guitar players and teachers in the world living amongst us.

We feel this presents us with an opportunity to bring you together with professional players in workshops with a limited number of people in attendance and let you pick their brains about any steel guitar subject that interests you from tuning to tone to cabinet drop to recording to how to play licks or whatever you want to know.

We are planning the first workshop for Saturday, November 30th from 10AM to 3PM which includes a one hour lunch break. We want to keep the group small enough that everybody has a chance to get their questions answered and have a very intensive learning session.

Please give us your thoughts on the what kinds of workshops you’d like to see. It doesn’t have to be limited to steel guitar since we have access to lead guitar players, bass players, drummers, fiddlers, harmonica players, really any instrument you’ve ever heard on a country music recording.

If you want to venture out into the area of recording, we have access to one of the finest engineers to ever sit down behind a mixing board. We’re willing to go wherever your interest leads us.

For information on how to be a part of this workshop, please seeĀ

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I’m looking forward to an interesting time weekend after next when I work with Daryle Singletary, Anita Cochran and Robyn Young at the Japan Country Gold Festival in Kumamoto, Japan. I hope to bring stories and pictures back with me. If there are going to be any steel players there, I hope they come up and introduce themselves.

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