Happy New Year

Welcome to 2014. I hope everybody had a good time playing New Year’s Eve. I hope you made some good money while you were doing it. I can remember when New Year’s Eve was the most important day of the year for playing.

I remember playing New Year’s Eve when I made as much money as I did the rest of the year. There were several New Year’s Eve nights when I was playing in Oklahoma right after my Air Force days.

There were many groups that rented a nice big building just for New Year’s Eve and I would end up making as much as $600 for New Year’s Eve night. So New Year’s Eve was really something to look forward to.

The most we could ever make after becoming professionals was double union scale. As you can see, we could make more money as an amateur than we could as a professional. I sure hope there are many steel players still doing this in rural areas.

We have a new steel guitar product for those of you who like to use the same equipment the pros use to get the sound they get. It’s called the PF Steel Dream. Check out Paul Franklin using his playing with the Time Jumpers.

Here is the link.

Not only is Paul using this unit, but so are several other pros. This is a boutique effects unit that delivers superior performance. We are very impressed with everything about the unit.

These units are hand-wired. There are too many features to list but we’re playing it here in the store and it’s very clean with lush reverb and analog delay. The overdrive section sounds really good with good separation between notes.

If your New Year’s resolution is to sound better than you owe it to yourself to get one of these. Vic is sold on this unit and are going to be adding one to his rig very soon. The Steel Dream is available on our website at the following link:


We also just received a tremendously big amplifier order from Peavey. We will have more Little Walter amps coming in also. We also have a beautiful Standel ready to go with a 15″ JBL.

Bobbe Seymour


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