Goodrich LD2 pedal, how many picks, get expert advice

Hi guys and gals,

John Hughey, Al Vescovo, John Bechtel and Terry Wendt were in the store today so I decided to hand them a microphone and let them have fun. The interview is on the website. On the menu, pick SGN News which is the fifth link down … go to “Page Two” and it’s the last interview.

I let them try out the new Goodrich LD2 digital potless pedal because you all know that besides my own opinions, I like to get the opinions of the best players that come through the door. I probably get to play more guitars and try more goodies than any other player in the world because of the unique position I’m in … but that’s what it takes to bring you the best equipment at the best prices. I don’t like to play something that “almost” works and I figure you probably don’t like to either.

This new pedal has no pot to wear, does not color the sound whatsoever and operates extremely smoothly. Retail price on this unit is $239. which is a big savings over it’s competition. When you are ready to purchase a new volume pedal, give me a call for the best possible price.

People are always asking me how many picks they should use. Everybody always uses a thumb pick. When I first started to play, I immediately started wearing 3 fingerpicks. About 5 years ago I started experimenting using just my fingers. As time went on, I started using fingerpicks less and less and finally got to the point where I only used fingerpicks on major recording sessions but now I feel like I have possible progressed to a step even beyond this because while doing a session for Razzy Bailey yesterday, I used picks on the first song and fingers on the second and now I feel that unless I have a badly broken fingernail, I will probably never use picks again. Remember that it’s taken me many years to get to this point. I am also hearing from many players and from personal observation that several players are experiencing the same phemononom such as the great Randy Beavers, Buddy Emmons and Steve Hinson also seem to play better without them than with them. Am I really suggesting you throw your picks away? The answer is no, however don’t become a prisoner to your fingerpicks. Learn to play and get a good tone without them. Not only will this open up the prison cell door but you may actually enjoy what you find on the outside.

Now if we could only figure out how to escape being a prisoner of the tuning wrench!

Now on to a topic that’s been disturbing me … and I want your feedback on this. I’ve seen this happen over and over again … a beginner player asks a question on one of the forums and they get a lot of answers back and they’re ALL wrong. It breaks my heart to see anybody get bad advice on the forum. I could give many, many examples of what I see on the forum everyday. They get answers from well meaning part-time players or other beginners who got an answer from someone they think knows what’s going on or whatever. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying people are intentionally giving bad advice. On the contrary, I’m sure they have the best of intentions and are trying to help in every sense of the term … it’s just that the information is incorrect.

When you want expert advise, go to an expert. When I need my car worked on, I go to my mechanic. When I’m sick and need medical help, I want excellent experienced medical help. I don’t turn my computer on and go to a medical forum and ask for advice on how to take my appendix out. I go to someone who’s a specialist in their trade. When steel players from beginner to advanced, need experienced help, I invite them to come to me.

Steel guitar has been my job and my world for the last fifty years and I know and have played with and have compared notes with the greatest players of all time … I’m not trying to brag, I’m trying to emphasize that I’ve got the knowledge and experience to give you the correct answers to your questions.

What I want you to do is to send me your questions and I will use this newsletter to answer them and by extenstion, to share them with everybody else. Ask me anything and I will give you my honest opinion about it. Don’t feel like you are imposing on me or asking a question that is not worthy of being answered. All questions are valid and deserve a correct answer not only for the good of the person asking the question but for the good of the steel guitar community as well.

Your buddy,


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