How to prepare for important playing jobs

Hi guys and gals,

One of questions I’ve been asked is … how do I prepare for important playing jobs.

When you need to play your very best like for a major audition or a television show or something that can be a pivotal moment in your career …

The most important thing is preparing your body physically for that important moment. At least two days before the job or audition, get at least eight hours of good sleep a night. Stay totally away from caffeine and alcohol during this time. This should help you get the rest you need and also help to mentally put you on the correct thinking and planning track.

Try to have the material you’re going to play well reheased well at least a week ahead but do not rehearse just before the show or audition because if you rehearse just before playing, you’ll still be hung in rehearsal mode instead of performance mode.

This is where the coffee comes in. Just about a half an hour before you play, drink only about a half to three-quarters of a cup. This will increase the heart rate slightly without making you very nervous. It will give you a slight edge and stimulate your memory. Be careful with this one because two cups of coffee can make you nervous, or make your heart rate too fast or even make a bumbling idiot out of some people. Of course, tea or Coca-Cola will do the same thing.

Absolutely no narcotics of any kind, legal or otherwise. Sleeping pills, aspirin and cold medicine can do nothing but hurt you at the moment you need to be your best. Being well rested and alert with absolutely no alcohol or drugs in your system will help you play at your best because when you feel great physically, it’s easy to feel great mentally and you’ve got to feel great mentally to be great.

These tips are well-known among the world’s best performers, pilots, doctors, lawyers preparing for a big court case etc. What you have always suspected is true, being well prepared physically will help you be well prepared mentally.

I want to extend a heart-felt thank you to everyone who sent in suggestions about what they wanted to see on my videos. The first two videos have been shot and the first is already shipping. The second video in the series will be available in about two weeks. It’s full of everything you have been asking me for and I want to remind you that I’m still open for questions and suggestions for upcoming videos. I’m taking my direction from you. The more videos we do, the better we get at it and the money I make selling them is being invested back into better equipment to make better videos so your support is important.

Stay relaxed and play well.

Your friend,


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