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Hi guys and gals,

I want to pass on a few of the comments I got from the last newsletter. In the last newsletter, I was talking about how healthy the steel guitar community is becoming in the United States but are you aware of how much it is growing in the rest of the world. It’s growing even faster in the European countries than it is here and a lot of the credit goes to steel guitar ambassadors such as Heiko Aehle and Hermann Lammers Meyer in Germany and Cor Jr. in the Netherlands

We’re getting an awful lot of steel guitar inquiries from areas that used to be behind the Iron Curtain such as Yugoslavia, Croatia, Latvia, Rumania, Poland etc.

The internet, satellite radio and television are helping fan the flames of love for this instrument.

Awareness and appreciation of the steel guitar is growing around the world. Some excellent examples of this are worth checking out …

I’m always working to improve the quality of the videos and I learn something new each time I do one, so expect better and better videos the further we go. I have several more videos planned that you have asked me to do such as the remedy to a problem we all have in bands today … and that is what to play on songs that seem to have no rules such as old and new rock’n’roll tunes. What do you play on Johnny B. Goode, Blue Suede Shoes, Blue Moon Of Kentucky, Green Onions, Knock On Wood, I Feel Good. Even though steel guitar isn’t on the original records, you are almost always asked to play something on these tunes. I’m here to show you how to make the guitar player look bad.

I’ve had so many requests for this information that this will be one of the next videos I make along with a non-pedal steel guitar video tab course. Also, a couple of videos showing C6th “made-easy” with great chord progressions and how to learn them quickly and easily.

My videos are about half the price of the competition … does this save you money? No way … you get twice as many videos for the same money LOL! As long as you keep asking for them, I’ll keep making them.

Many of you have asked about videos that you missed so I put them all on the mailing list members only sale page at … … so if you missed any, you can pick them up there at the discounted price I give to mailing list members. Remember to order from the link and not from the website because the website has the regular price and not the discount price … if you want the discount price, you have to follow the link.

Keep emailing me because remember, my videos are driven by what you ask me for.

Your buddy,


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