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An interesting observation.

I’ve been seeing many new young players come into the store, many of whom play incredibly well. After asking many of them why they are playing steel instead of video games and what inspired them to play steel guitar instead of less meaningful pursuits of youth, an answer came that I wasn’t really prepared for, but upon reflecting back to my own past and the past of my closest friend players, I see a pattern that is very easy to understand. It seems like 95% of the great playing kids that I’m talking to have been inspired by a direct relative, most often a father or uncle. The great 23 year old steel guitarist, Travis Toy, with Patty Loveless, said it was totally his father that inspired him to be the great player he is. I remember Tommy White, present Grand Ole Opry steel guitar player, coming to see me on television shows that I was working when he was only 12, with his inspiration, his father. This is also the case with myself and and probably with most of you.

What does this mean and how does it affect the future of steel guitar? Here’s exactly what it means. Most of you have children or grandchildren that you may be influencing much more than you know at this stage of their life. While you are focusing on day to day problems such as the flow of money coming in as opposed to the flow of money going out and the many things that you are personally interested in, your children or grandchildren, whether you like it or now, are focusing on you. What you say and what you do can make the difference between them being a good to great musician or just another also ran. You may say being a musician is the last thing you want them to be but there are worse things that they can do with their life. Besides, I know many steel players, such as Tommy White, who play much better than the people who inspired them and have turned life into a rich, full and rewarding adventure.

My uncle and my father are my main inspirations and they turned me on to Buddy Emmons, Curly Chalker, Walter Haynes, Jerry Byrd, Bud Issacs, Don Helms and so many others. Now that you know what a difference you can make, be that super special someone to your sons, daughters and nephews who will remember what you did long after you’re gone.

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