The bond between a man and his steel

Hi guys and gals,

After talking to people like B. B. King and having a many year long relationship with Chet Atkins and many other great players, along with delving into the depths of my own mind, I have realized that there is something truly special in the bond between a fine musician and his instrument. The instrument is supposed to be an inanimate object with no soul of it’s own, just a collections of parts and pieces put together to make noise. However, I think everyone reading this will agree when I say that this collection of parts called a steel guitar takes on a life of it’s own and the soul of the player.

Ask any player how they feel about their guitar. All my life I have worried about my guitar. If it’s in my house, I check on it before I go to bed. If it’s in the trunk of my car, I worry about any extreme temperatures and where my car is parked and how safe it is. My guitar has seen me through me several marriages and unfortunately, several pets that I love very much.

Ok guys, what is it? What is this bond that we have with this technically inanimate object? We get love and respect because of it. We get money because of it. We get a small amount of pain and grief from some who love us because of it. Have you ever really stopped to think what your steel guitar really means to you? The happiness it’s added to your life? The communciation medium that it is between your mind and the minds that hear you play? No wonder we all bond with our guitars. We have special guitars … and no wonder we fight about the guitars we love and argue with other players about what’s best what isn’t. Seldom do we argue about our cars and what’s better. We don’t argue about what the best food is or who’s wife is better than who’s … but just get on that forum one time and mention the word tone and what guitar has it and what guitar doesn’t … and suddenly you’ve got the biggest fight in the world and your favorite dealer may even get suied for a million dollars! Naturally I’m inserting a little humor here but think about what I’m saying! Isn’t every speck of it true. Guys will fight to their death about their steel guitars who don’t even care enough about politics to vote. You know what? I like this. I like seeing people argue passionately about what they love. To me it shows the great bond you have with your inanimate object that you love so much.

Guys, I respect you and I don’t care what brand of instrument you own or what style you play … if you live it, I love it because I understand the bond between a man and his steel.

Your buddy,


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