Respect is more valuable than fame

Hi guys and gals,

I want to thank everybody for their tremendous input and response to the last newsletter. I had several return emails that I think were written better than my message to you. This subject of fame drew way more reaction than I suspected. It seems that many of us know or have had brushes with famous people at one time or another.

Fame is in the mind of the beholder. All of us are famous to a varying degree. You may be the most famous player in your town or your state and be respected by more fellow musicians and their children than you could even know. Or you may have a position in a social or religious organization where someone looks up to you as a role model.

Personally, regardless of how well I am known in Nashville and the world of steel guitar, I am a regular Joe in flying organizations that I’m a member of. Many of my fellow members in these flying clubs were fighter aces and bomber pilots from WWII, the Korean war or the Viet Nam war and have been very high ranking officers in the Armed Services. They could care less who I am or what I do in the world of music. Am I famous to them? No. But I can’t tell you the respect and admiration I have for them. I have many customers who are now close friends who are “big wheels” in major companies, in medicine, in law etc. who tell me they admire me tremendously for what I’ve done, but I feel a high degree of humility when I’m in their presence. I have respect for everyone because everyone has something that they can do better than I can. I’m no good at plumbing, law, medicine, politics or driving a road grader, or cooking or whatever, but I respect those that do these jobs as much as they respect me for what I do.

I’m sure you have realized, as I have, through the last newsletter and your responses, respect is much more valuable than fame.

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