New Years resolutions, the $1,000,000 lawsuit, upcoming CD

Hi boys and girls,

Here we are at the dawn of 2004. Where has this millienium gone! Seems like only yesterday we were worrying about power outages, computers stopping because of the millenium bug and teaching ourselves to write 2000 instead of 19 something. It still sounds a little weird to say 2004 … somehow 1995 still seems to roll out easier.

I am brimming over with ideas for the new year. My New Year’s resolution is to get out and play more live shows so that I can get out and meet more of you in person all over the world. I already have several live appearances booked and plan to book several more. Why don’t you make a resolution to come out and see me!

I have several new videos which I’m planning to shoot, all of which came from your suggestions and feedback about what you wanted to see and learn. A variety of topics are covered from How To Learn Effectively and Efficiently … based on new scientific discoveries. A New Appoach To Playing C6th … how to learn the most in the least amount of time. How To Play Rock and Blues. How To Work With A Band … how a band needs to work together. 100 Hot-Licks … everybody’s been asking me how to play and several more.

As many of you have already heard, I am being sued for one million dollars ($1,000,000) by a Dallas based company for expressing my opinions and asking questions publicly. I feel this infringes my right to free speech and if they win it will effect all of us, after all, if they win, they May Sue Anybody. I feel that this is not only an attack on me but an attack on the entire steel guitar community. This lawsuit will involve large legal fees before it’s over so to help defray the costs of defending myself and my right and your right to our opinions, I have recorded a live CD with the help of several loyal supporters. The result of this is one of the finest albums I’ve ever done in a live situation and I’m very proud of it and all the wonderful friends who took part in this effort. I wrote all the songs on the CD. I’ve played many of them at live shows in the past but never put them together on a CD before … and yes, I have included the “car wreck” on the CD since so many of you have asked for it for so many years. The CD will be out in a month … more on this later.

May God bless and keep you through the new year.

Your friend,


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