Bourrée by Mike Perlowin

Mike Perlowin specializes in arranging, recording and performing classical music on the pedal steel. His arrangement and live performance of Michael Pretorius’ Bourrée was included in the Steel Guitar Forum Members Showcase collection.

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  1. I’d like to mention the other 2 musicians on this track. Carole Mukogawa on Viole, and Michelle Beauchesne on cello.

    This trio was Carole’s idea. She invited me to play with her, and I jumped at the chance. (If you look her up on Google and check out her discography, you’ll see why.) Michelle has not had the same kind of stellar career Carole has had, but she is equally accomplished playing her instrument.

    Prior to meeting me, Michelle had never seen a pedal steel guitar before, and was skeptical about how it would blend with the viola and cello, but once we started playing together, she fell in love with the instrument and the way the three of us sounded together.

  2. Mike,

    That was beautiful! I really enjoyed listening to it. It reminded me of what one might
    have heard in 1751 Colonial Williamsburg.

    Have you done tabs for other Classical pieces?



  3. Bobby Lee says:

    Mike doesn’t do tablature at all. He arranged this piece with standard music notation.

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