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Hi everyone,

Tip 1: I’ve been contacted by many people who have purchased steel guitars on Ebay and called me to get the guitars serviced, fixed and made playable. Most of the guitars are total disasters with such things wrong as cracked bodies which affects tuning cabinet drop, bad pickups that sound awful or no ohm reading, tuning keys that are stripped and sometimes serious problems that can’t be fixed. Several guitars have parts missing which are no longer available and have been stripped to make other guitars ususable.

After hearing from so many dissatisfied Ebay customers, I feel it is my duty to let the steel guitar buying public know the woes of Ebay. Most of the guitars were only worth a third of what was paid for them. For instance, at Christmas time there were several Sho-Bud Mavericks go on Ebay for $600 – $850. These were the very common variety, some with parts missing and most not in very good shape. The true value of these guitars was $150 – $200.

I feel Ebay is a wonderful place to sell steel guitars but a horrible place to buy them.

Tip 2: I see many Sho-Bud and ZB guitars being bought at low prices by customers that think they can quickly, easily and cheaply add two more knee levers. No way, not any more. Many Sho-Buds were built from ’70 to ’74 with only two knee levers. By now, all the original parts have been used up making these modern configuration 4 and 5 knee lever guitars. Before you buy a steel guitar, make sure it is what you want configuration wise. Homemade knee levers and homemade will destroy the value of what you started with. This of course, only applies to the older classics and not new guitars such as GFI or Emmons. As most of you know, Sho-Bud was just purchased in a package deal by Fender Guitar Company. Fender has stated they have no interest in doing anything with Sho-Bud, either building, selling or providing parts. This means that Sho-Bud is now a true orphan which means the bad ones are worth less and the good ones are worth more. Any Sho-Bud that I sell will be in incredible shape and ready to go for many years, regardless of how I purchased them.

Tip 3: The Emmons factory has just disposed of all the Emmons original push-pull parts. This means that the Emmons push-pull is going to be more expensive in the immediate future. Be wary when buying a push-pull Emmons from sources that don’t offer a money-back guarantee or from anyone who says they don’t know much about it because they use that as an excuse if you find out that it’s not all you thought it was. I have never seen an Emmons push-pull that didn’t require a good going through before I could resell it. I do feel the Emmons push-pull is the finest steel guitar in the world in most ways and if you have a good one, it’s value will continue to ascend forever like the Stradivarius voilin. Don’t shy away from the push-pull, just be very careful where you buy it … or buy it at a low enough price that you can afford to have me go through it for you.

Tip 4: I have sold many MSA’s in the past and I will stand behind the ones I’ve sold, however, because of the low resale values of this brand and the general condition of MSA’s I’ve been seeing becoming worse every month, I find most of these guitars are not worth what it costs me to buy, fix and resell. They have reached a point of diminishing returns where they’re no longer worth what they’re worth. If you do happen to see one on my webpage, you can count on it being a rare survivor of the breed. It will be original and immaculate and still be very reasonably priced, otherwise I won’t be dealing with MSA. The same is true for Marlin, Mullin, Remington, CMI, Pedal Master or any homemake guitars. It is not cost-effective to deal in low-volume, questionable homemade steel guitars. I want everyone to be able to count on me for delivering the hightest quality products attainable and at the fairest prices.

I want everyone to know that the phone numbers and email will stay the same during and after this move. The address is the only thing that is changing and it is:

Steel Guitar Nashville
123 Midtown Court
Hendersonville, TN. 37075

It is about a mile from where I am now and much easier to find.


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10 Responses to Ebay, Sho-Bud, ZB, Emmons push-pull, MSA

  1. Nick Schwebach says:

    I have a Emmons mid 70’s with the “dove” shaped tuners . I need one for the bass side. Maybe a set or two. Double neck 10. Do you have any, and what replacements would fit? ///what do you recommend? Thanks

  2. Bobby Lee says:

    You should call Steel Guitar Nashville at (615) 822-5555.

  3. Charles Gonterman says:

    I’m looking for tuning keys for an MSA CLASSIC D 10 PEDAL STEEL. Mine have just disintegrated over the years. Is it still possible to get them?
    Thanks for any info. that you have.
    Charles Gonterman.

  4. larche says:

    I want to know the good price for a PSG Sho Bud LDJ 1973 3 pedals 4 knee levers with the hard case all in very good look. I leave in France so it’s not easy to find .
    Thank you for all.

  5. Bobby Lee says:

    Several have sold recently on The Steel Guitar Forum. It’s the best place to sell a pedal steel.

    Sho-Bud LDG 3×4 $2200

    SHOBUD LDG 3+4. $1500+ship

    Oh My! Mint ’74 LDG $2700

    1976 Sho-Bud LDG Pedal Steel for sale with bonus $1900

  6. Gottfried Engelhardt says:

    I have a Sho-Bud D-Super Pro, 5 knee levers, w Pedal, + a Peavey Session 500, digital echo and lots of instruction material. Sits in Germany in good shape.
    You think $2900 would be ok?
    Thank you very much

  7. Bobby Lee says:

    For a local sale in Germany, that would be a reasonable price. Shipping is expensive, though.

  8. Stephen Cutler says:

    where can I find 6 pedals- flat -slightly rounded edges- 1″ wide or better. I love my Deckley pedals. I want to replace 3/4″ pedals I have on another Steel. Older Emmons late 70s-early 80s- shaped like the ShoBud “waffle” pedal. smooth or waffle is OK for my project. I can machine , or adapt, the axle end for a Deckley style pocket mount. I am making the pockets an can adapt depending on width of the pedal at the axle.
    All leads appreciated.
    Steve- sjc@tampabay.rr.com

  9. Tony Pezzuto says:

    Looking for the plastic or rubber inserts and the metal grommet inside the legs , to adjust the leg height for a Shobud LDG !

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