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Hello fellow players,

I’m sure most of you are members of the Steel Guitar Forum. This is a wonderful place to post and have everyone read your opinions and anything you care to make known. I can kind of feel the pulse and know what’s going on with steel guitar by reading it. Some things that are said I agree with greatly, but as you know there are a lot of people that post that don’t play steel guitar and really know nothing about it but still have an opinion to deliver.

It seems like as time goes by the general populace of forum members seem to get smarter and smarter, but there are some beginners who don’t really understand where they are in the pecking order and really don’t play steel guitar yet, that print a lot of nonsense and the readers just have to be careful while sorting out the good from the bad.

I have seen a lot of players make some very asinine statements that a few years later, it’s obvious they have learned a lot. I think this is very good and that’s what the forum is for. For everybody to converse, offer opinions and share what they have learned with the rest of the world.

Many times a new player won’t really know a great old professional poster from another new guy like himself that is just offering an opinion. He may have only been playing a few months on his Carter Starter or Maverick and he’ll jump right in there and blast a great player like Jernigan, Emmons or Hughey.

This is okay because I know he’ll learn in the future. Being on the forum is one way to learn. Just a word to the new guys from me. Lay back and read a lot before you do a lot of posting unless you state your credentials at the time of posting.

Very often a customer will come into my store and make a statement where everybody on the forum says the Sho-Bud Maverick is the best guitar in the world. About all I can say to that is, “For you right now, it might be. But as time goes on, you’re going to be wanting something else if you improve.”

There are many different ways to learn how to play. One of the best is to listen and watch. The better the players are to watch, the better off you are. Listen to great players like Cal Sharp, Mickey, Lloyd Green. What they play is not extremely complicated, but it is extremely good. There are some famous big name players on YouTube that can be listened to and learned from as you’re watching.

Some of the greatest fun I ever had with steel guitar was learning. Just like me learning to become a pilot. Some of the greatest fun I had learning to fly was during the learning process.

Buying DVDs that show you how to play are wonderful ways to learn also because you can watch them over and over as often as you have to. Going out and hearing a good band live and watching the pedal steel player very closely can be not just a fun experience, but also a very good learning experience.

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The friend to all bar holders,
Bobbe Seymour

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