An Embarassing Story, Letter From Randy Meeker

Hello fellow players,

Okay friends, get ready for a very true embarrassing story, but I’m sure you’ll understand when we get to the end of it how I could be such a fool.

It was spring of ’92. I’m at my new recording studio on Music Row. The studio phone rings and a wonderful sounding female voice on the line says, “Mr. Seymour, this is Trudy, Roy Clark’s personal secretary. He asked me to call you and see if you would like to play with him, Chet Atkins, Boots Randolph and Jerry Reed.”

I asked her who else would be in the group. She named Vince Gill, Buck Owens, Danny Davis, most of the HeeHaw staff and several west coast musicians. I was very tickled, told her I’d be very honored to play. She said, “Then I’ll put your name down.”

A few days later when the printed program came out and went around town, many of the stars started calling me telling me that they were glad I was going to be there. About two days before the job, Trudy called again and I asked her if I needed to take my own equipment or if they had some I could borrow.

She replied that she knew that Roy had some things that I could use. During this conversation, I started hearing small bits of information that scared me a little. I told her that I needed to know what it paid and was it going to pay through the union or if it was going to be cash on the barrel head or what?

She laughed out loud and replied that this was a benefit to raise money for crippled children with MS and asked if I could donate $500. She said, “Well I just talked to Boots Randolph and he was donating $2000.”

I moaned and fell back in my chair, “What are you talking about? I’m a musician, I play steel guitar for a living.” I said, “Well, for me to show up, that’s about what you’re going to have to pay me to get me over there.”

She said, “Good gosh. I don’t think we understand each other. This is a charity golf event and you’ll be playing golf, not steel guitar.”

I said, “I’ve never played golf in my life, but I’m a very well known steel guitar player here in Nashville.”

Then she explained, “We don’t need a steel guitar player. We need a golfer.”

Well it suddenly got funny to me. I said, “You need to make a few more phone calls.”

I said, “It’s not the money, it’s my talent as a golfer which is just about nil. If you ever need a steel guitar player, call me first. If you need a golfer, call Stu Basore.”

I hung up the phone shaking my head in disbelief. Here I was, the only steel guitar player in Nashville to be invited to play in this legendary golf classic with some of Nashville’s biggest and mightiest stars and I didn’t even play golf.

Since this time, I have played with the scenario of why didn’t I just keep my mouth shut, borrow a set of clubs and go out there and play with these guys. Even though I’ve never played golf in my life, what if I would have done very well? At least I would have had a lot of television time as I think all the networks were there.

Even though they wouldn’t have realized my lack of skill for awhile, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been invited back the following year. I just keep thinking how funny it would have been. It was funny enough anyway.

Here’s an email I got from Randy Meeker which is obviously a great friend from over the years. Randy is a wonderful guy that owns a couple of very desirable Emmons steel guitars and one of those very rare Sho-Bud Super Pro II. I think it’s number six out of seven that were made.

He sent me such a nice email I wanted to share it with the rest of you guys that are very close to me. Here it is.

When I think Steel Guitar Stores – I think of Bobbe Seymour’s Steel Guitar Nashville

I’ve heard of other stores…but there are none like his. I’ve been to John Fabian (RIP) /Bud Carter’s Store in Mesquite TX and it was interesting but I bought my Steels from Bobbe.

I have purchased accessories all over – but Bobbe’s store has most of the best items that you will ever want and need. I constantly look for items that will improve my playing, downsize or improve my stage rig – most items come from Steel Guitar Nashville.

I bought my lap steels from Elderly Music in Lansing Michigan – Asher Lap Steels are not stock at most dealers – they also repair my Martin Guitars as the largest repair facility outside the factory.

I have a good friend that is a music dealer in Toledo OH – where I learned to play guitar and even taught guitar lessons for a while. I buy my back line (amps), thumb picks, George L Cables and a few other items – I like to shop there – but the store hasn’t stocked steel guitars since Fender quit making them.

Whenever I am in the Nashville area – I make it a point to stop in Steel Guitar Nashville – It’s a drool factory for a steel guitarist – always a lot of interesting guitars and one wiseacre store owner who’s looking to make you a deal that you will never understand – and you will be happy that you did make it. I certainly am. Bobbe may have my money – but I have his steel guitars….who do you think won in that exchange? It’s only money!

Bobbe, that’s my testimonial! And I’m sticking to it!

Randy Meeker

Thank you Randy. You’ve made my day.

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The friend to all bar holders,
Bobbe Seymour

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Steel Guitar Nashville
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Hendersonville, TN. 37075
(615) 822-5555
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