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Hello fans and fellow players,

Well friends and neighbors we have several pictures and videos coming from our past weekend hubbub. When I was interviewing David Jackson the crowd and music was very loud but it seems to be well within the acceptable limits for the crazy times we were having. If any of you have any questions concerning the new Jackson guitars, be sure to give me a call or email your questions.

They have several things that I like about them. For instance, they are lightweight, decently priced and sound wonderful. They are single neck which is really all you need to do jobs in today’s country market which is one of the reasons they are so light in weight. Tuning is easy and wonderful. They are just great all around guitars. Watch the videos.

Video 1: www.youtube.com/watch?v=grf_q2tq3Tg

Video 2: www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTmatqwNUxk

Video 3: www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJB8iiivbAI

Video 4: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlpdoeIhqpE

Pictures are here: Party Pictures

I asked for any Jeff Newman stories and here are some of the replies I had.


My name is Eddie Joe Clark. I live in Phoenix Arizona. I have my own country band called the cactus kickers. I have been trying to learn the pedal steel. I own a beautiful Sho Bud Pro 1. It has 3 pedals and 2 knee levers.

I am pretty much self taught. I have a long ways to go . I am just learning for the fun of it because im a songwriter and lead vocalist in my band. I also play several other instruments very well. I wanted to thank you for posting your tips on the web. You are a awesome musician and person. I feel like I know you personally and we have never met. I am a firm believer that country isn’t country without a steel guitar. The pedal steel is my favorite instrument. I even like some southern rock with a steel guitar such as marshal tuckers fire on the mountain. On another note My drummer used to play with Buddy E My drummers name is Tony Moon. We are a bunch of older guys that feel like we have one last good shot to make it and we are going all the way out. All of us are seasoned pros We all have toured and everyone believes in my style of country music and they are sticking by my side. I hope we get to meet someday.. thank you again for everything. Eddie Joe Clark.

Here is another one …

Thanks Bobbe for the salute to Jeff Newman. I attended his seminars at The Texas Steel guitar convention for about 9 years and attended his Top Gun class in June before his accident. The first day of that 3 day class, he kicked my butt. I was so tired and confused, I was ready to haul my butt back to Texas and sell my Steel. After day 2 and 3, I was proud to be a steel owner becoming a steel player. He told me it would take months for all he packed in to my head those 3 days to come out. That was June of 2003 and every once in a while, I play a phrase or a lick and I can almost see him smile and nod his head. He was very outspoken at times and sometimes easy to take the wrong way, but I guess that is why I loved him so much. I have been told I am the same way. I try to learn from all steel players when I get the chance. Jeff said we learn from all influences mix it all up and develop our own style.

Feel free to share my thoughts Bobbe.

James Banks

And one more …

Hi Bobbe,

I don’t have any Jeff Newman stories but I can say that I took his week long intermediate and advanced courses plus a couple of his speed picking and C6th courses. I enjoyed them all very much and still sometimes pull out some of the material from those courses to play around with. One of the things I learned from him that I hardly hear anyone else do is the use of augmented and diminished chords. I don’t think alot of musicians know how to use them. I do, thanks to Jeff.

I didn’t hear about Jeff’s untimely death until the following June. I was at the Rocky Mountain Steel show in Denver. I overheard a couple of guys talking. I didn’t say anything to them at the time but I saw one of them later and went up and ask him if they’d been talking about Jeff Newman. He said they were. I was shocked as he told me about what had happened to Jeff.

Hope your health is good and thanks for your newsletters.

Dennis Wenner

I’ll post some more in the next newsletter.

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The friend of all bar holders,
Bobbe Seymour

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