Opportunities For Steel Guitarists

Hello fellow players,

Well, they keep saying steel guitar is dead or dying and I’m seeing more and more all the time between Branson, WSM, RFD, The Tonight Show and more. There are an awful lot of bands out there using steel guitar. I think it’s pretty wonderful that so many opportunities are being taken advantage of by steel players everywhere.

I remember when I was a little kid just learning steel guitar talking to an old steel player that told me how much money he made during the Depression. He said he was making $5 to $7 a night and his dad and uncles were making half that on their day jobs. As I see things tightening up around me now, I’m seeing similar things happen. People can’t afford to buy cars and new houses, so they hit the bars. It happens with every down turn of the economy.

It doesn’t cost that much to buy strings, picks, bars and most steel guitar equipment and these are things that can pay you back. I haven’t heard of anybody on my mailing list here doing poorly. However, if you find yourself laid off, it doesn’t hurt to have steel guitar skills in your hip pocket. No matter what happens in your life, it’s always nice to have another skill to be able to rely on.

So the point I’m getting to is this. Sharpen your skills so you’ll be ready if you need them. I’m seeing new players come into the store here every week telling me about what they are doing in the world of steel guitar. Remember, there are many things to do in steel guitar other than just playing on the road or in a club. The world of steel guitar needs designers, builders and repairmen to keep our little world turning.

As I said, there are many things you can do besides playing in clubs and on the road. Consider the sheer thrill of making music for yourself in your own living room or bedroom. If you would drive through any neighborhood in any town and be invited in the houses as a guest, I’m betting you’ll see many pianos that have trained many fingers over the years.

So there’s nothings wrong with having a beautifully finished steel guitar sitting in your music parlor amongst your other instruments. I know many steel players that own not only a piano, but several guitars, dobros, ukuleles, trombones or brass instruments from their childhood days from the school band.

Remember, music is music. Any instrument can play it. Different styles of music can be played by the same instrument and if you happen to like bluegrass also, I’m seeing a tremendous resurgence in the love for this kind of music. Where do you think country music came from?

Have any of you seen the Steve Martin Review lately? He has a very nice bluegrass band. He is putting as much effort into playing banjo as he did into his comedic career. Maybe what steel guitar needs is a new Steve Martin and who knows, it could be you.

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Your buddy,
Bobbe Seymour

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