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Hello fellow players,

I’ve been thinking about all the people that have helped my career over the years. These are people I need to acknowledge and thank for hiring me.

I have touched on many of them in the past. Starting at the beginning, I would like to mention Claude Gray. Claude was a neighbor of mine in north Nashville. This is a guy that I thank profusely for saying good things about me which is what really got my career lit and got me noticed by other artists.

Of course, I thank Jean Shepard for using me on some of her first recording sessions. Then there’s Ray Price. I thank him very much for being the kind of person that he was to me.

Several of the artists that I worked with at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas really gave my career a boost such as David Rogers. I thank Pete Drake for lining me up with him. I got a lot of recording session work from my association with David.

One artist that stands out to me is Billy Walker. He was the most appreciated star most of us have ever worked with.

I was probably appreciated most of all by Pat Boone. Lynn Anderson was very important along with Ferlin Husky. I thank all of them for the opportunities they gave me.

Another standout artist is Johnny Paycheck. Paycheck did a lot for me by encouraging me to be a showman and a show-off. The offshoot of this was that in between shows, the audience wouldn’t just come back and ask me to get Johnny’s autograph for them, but they actually wanted my autograph for being the nut that I was onstage.

Stan Hitchcock has been very good to me through the years. Because of working with Stan and Bobby Goldsboro and having to learn their arrangements, I came to appreciate their music.

Working where I had to back up several different artists on television shows, I had to learn a lot of new arrangements very quickly. The challenge of continually working on new arrangements was very good for me and catapulted my development as a player to a much higher level.

Tanya Tucker was very open and easy to get along with and I had no problems learning her arrangements and appreciating what all she did.

Artists I worked with on the west coast which include Dolly Parton, Bobby Goldsboro, Buck Owens, Linda Ronstadt, Emmy Lou Harris and subbing for Bob Hempker with Loretta Lynn deserve my thanks.

Faron Young, George Jones and several other of the crazy men in the business. I learned very nice things from all of them and the experiences I had with them are responsible for my evolution as a player.

If you want to become the very best player that you can be, then don’t ever turn down a chance to play with anybody because you never know what you’ll learn from the experience.

Again, I thank all the artists I worked with for making me the person I am today.

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Your buddy,
Bobbe Seymour

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