September is Steel Guitar Month

Hello fellow players,

Welcome to Steel Guitar Month. September is the designated month for steel guitar and those that love it. It’s a big time for shows, sales and steel guitar work in general. To honor this month, we are going to be doing some very serious discounting.

For those of you that have been waiting for this particular month, I am going over the price of each individual guitar and discounting it to the max that I can. We will also be looking for other products that we can discount as well, like amps and effects.

A little earlier this week, I received a phone call from country music vocalist and legend Stan Hitchcock. His office is about five blocks away from Steel Guitar Nashville. He asked me to come over to see him at the Blue Highways office, which I gladly did.

Stan is one of Nashville’s most appreciated country music singers. As smooth a singer as Jack Daniels Black Label with twice the sense of humor and love for a great country song. He has a show now which is running on the Branson RFD cable TV channel called Heart to Heart.

He also has a company called Blue Highways that produces country music shows. We sat there for about half a day reviewing shows that we had done together from the past. Some of the stars I had totally forgotten how well they sang, like Narvell Felts, David Rogers and many others.

Stan is planning a new show using a lot of this great prerecorded material and I figure we may be recording some new ones soon.

Stan is one of those stars that truly loves steel guitar and loves to feature us. The six piece band that was created for the original shows from Branson musicians was very, very good and I remember most of the musicians went on to great jobs after the show was disbanded.

Gary Myers, the guitar player went to work with Mickey Gilley and Bobby Burkhead on drums went to work with George Jones and has been with him for many, many years.

The fact that Stan is such a good guy and thinks so much of his musicians pretty well guarantees that there will be a lot of instrumental things happening on the new shows. If you’d like to see what Stan has done and is doing you can check out his website at …

Why not give Stan a hello and let him know you’re interested in seeing this type of music.

Your buddy,

Check out our monthly specials at and we’ll try to save you a lot of money.

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