Bobbe Seymour News Update

Hello fellow players,

I know many of you have been wondering about my medical status. In two words, not good. My mind still works up to a point so I’m glad to be able to tell everybody what’s going on. I have spinal stenosis which has pretty well taken away my ability to walk very well and all of my ability to play. I miss not being able to play steel guitar, however maybe things will get better in the future.

Vic Lawson, my right hand man along with able assistance from Bob Hempker, both very able and well known steel players, are taking care of my duties at the store so that I can concentrate on resolving my health issues. I would appreciate it if you would deal with them as if you were dealing with me and allow me the time to reclaim my health.

I want to thank everyone of you that have sent me little notes wishing me a speedy recovery. I thank you for understanding that I cannot answer all of these personally. Vic and Bob both have much steel guitar knowledge to impart to you in future newsletters and I hope you’ll look forward to hearing their views as much as you did mine as they will be handling my newsletter duties from now on. I may occasionally write one, but that won’t happen very often.

I’m turning the rest of today’s newsletter over to Vic.

Well with that being said, hopefully that will answer a lot of your questions about Bobbe. Bobbe has been one of my heroes through the years. I’ve learned a lot from him about steel guitars. We’re here to take care of business while Bobbe is healing and we can answer all your questions just like Bobbe can.

Many of you already know that I’ve been a professional steel player for twenty-five years and that I’ve worked for Bobbe on and off for the last twelve years. Working for Bobbe has been an ideal situation for me because it allowed me to work the road when it was available and work for Bobbe as a steel guitar technician and repairman in the off time.

Not only have I worked here, but I’ve worked alongside Buck Reid, Terry Crisp, Bob Hempker and others who’ve been able to fill in their off time working here. It’s really a unique shop and no other place like it exists. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best blankety-blank little steel guitar shop in the world.

Bobbe has done a lot for the steel community and I’m glad he has the confidence in me to deal with the day to day operation of all aspects of the business. As always, I will do my best to stock the best guitars in the best condition and offer the best service.

While I’m talking about the best guitars in the best condition, I don’t know if all of you know what a guitar goes through before it goes on our floor. Usually I’ll start by cutting the strings off immediately and thoroughly clean and lube the guitar. I put a new set of strings on it.

Then I start doing adjustments and make sure the guitar is doing what it’s supposed to do. I replace any parts that show wear and aren’t up to par. I set the guitar up to standard Emmons setup per Bobbe’s specifications. If you buy one of our guitars, we set it up according to your specifications if you want anything different.

After playing it ourselves for an hour or so to make sure everything’s as perfect as can be, then it goes on the floor. As a technician, I pride myself on doing the best job possible and won’t let any guitar go out the door in substandard condition. When you buy from us, you know the guitar is right.

I would also like to mention that if you buy a guitar privately or on eBay, you can send the guitar to us and we will go through it thoroughly and put it in the best possible condition so you can enjoy your guitar for years to come.

For any of you in the Las Vegas area, I’ll be playing at the Silverton Casino for the PBR after-party at 10:30 Friday night. Stop by and say hi if you can.

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8 Responses to Bobbe Seymour News Update

  1. Mike Fried says:

    Bobbe, I haven’t made it up there to see you as often as I should lately, but know you’re always in my thoughts and I hope we can visit again soon!

  2. Hey Bobbe….I’m here praying and wishing you a speedy recovery…..
    Get well soon Boy….
    Adair Torres

  3. Frank Kaiser says:

    Bobbe, much to my great horror, I am just reading this now! I also suffer from spinal stenosis at L4-L5, and can barely walk and find it most difficult to play the PSG for any length of time. This coming Monday, I’m going in for a surgical procedure known as a bi-lateral laminectomy, which the doctor believes will afford me great relief. The nerves have been compressed for some time, so a great deal of patience, rehab and good meds are going to be required to pull this back together again. Have you had a neurosurgical consult? My most sincere good wishes and prayers are with you, sir. May the Good Lord bring you back to wholeness as quickly as possible! Thank you and your wonderful staff for all the help (and guitars) you have afforded me over the years. I will try to stay in closer touch with you and your situation…….with much love and many blessings! Regards, Frank Kaiser

  4. John Grapes says:

    Bobbe, Please contact me

  5. Bobby Lee says:

    Bobbe doesn’t read this blog. The folks in his store send me his newsletter, and I post it here for them.

  6. Billy Davis says:

    I need some tuning nuts for a dekley can you help? We love and will sure miss Bobbe. Thanks guys3

  7. Bobby Lee says:

    Sorry I can’t help you with that.

  8. I need a showbro pedal fixed that just stopped working within 3 months,,Its the only effects I use on my telecaster ond I am lost without it and cant afford another one..can anyone help me

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