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Experimenting on the Steel Guitar

November 8, 2012 This is Vic Lawson with today’s newsletter. I was asked, “How much do you experiment and where do you experiment, during practice or onstage?” Personally I only experiment during practice. I feel like if I experiment onstage, … Continue reading

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Pedal Steel – Too Country?

This is Bob Hempker. Back in the mid eighties, I was at Woodland Studios in Nashville with Loretta. It was one of the big name studios at the time. We were doing a commercial for United Way. They had picked … Continue reading

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Differences Between Steel Guitar Models

November 1, 2012 This is Bob Hempker with today’s newsletter. Working here in the store, I get to play more steel guitars in a month than many of you get to play in a lifetime. Six, eight, ten string, all … Continue reading

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