Grounds, develop your own style, tone is in the equipment

Hi again everyone,

On my tips from a couple weeks ago concerning the ground lift to eliminate hum when using two amplifiers, Jim Smith, good friend and great steel guitar technician emailed me back and highly suggested that third prong on the amplifiers power cord not be broken off, but instead use a ground life adapter. Jim also stated that this will quite often work by lifting the ground on one amplifier.

Tip 2: Try to develop your own style by not copying everybody else’s signature licks. Music is loaded with millions of combinations of notes. Be creative and develop your own musical statements. Everytime you play somebody else’s signature lick, you don’t get credit for it, they do. No matter how many times you recite the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln still gets credit for it Unless you are trying to copy the record, you should approach each piece of music with your own musical thinking.

In this town, I see many young players in clubs and coming through my store that play just exactly like Buddy Emmons or Paul Franklin and even though they play great, they have nothing to offer musically that everybody hasn’t heard before. Play the music the way you percieve it and the way you feel it.

Tip 3: One of the last tips that I gave was concerning tone in the guitar or tone in the hands. Since making this statement and it causing a big uproar on several steel guitar forums, I had decided to do a little research last week and had several players play the same guitar in the store. These players included Lloyd Green, Steve Hinson and Randy Beavers among other great players and several players that honestly don’t play very well. The end result of the experiment proved what I said in my last tip sheet, that tone is in the equipment and execution is in the hands. No matter how good your hands are, you cannot get great tone out of a bad steel guitar, however, bad hands and a good steel guitar will give you a good tone with bad execution but the good tone can inspire you to improve your execution. Nobody feels like learning anything on a bad sounding guitar … it just takes the fun and motivation out of it.

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