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Hi guys and gals,

It’s the kind of beautiful spring day in Nashville that makes you want to take your steel guitar out on the back porch and play til CMT starts playing country again!

Here’s some more things to ponder … if you want to improve your playing, model great players. Learn their techniques but don’t copy them note for note. Listen for execution. There are several ways to execute a note … play it a step flat and pop the pedal or “feather” the pedal for a flavorful, soulful effect. These are Lloyd Green and Tommy White techniques that give steel guitar a unique seasoning not caught by other instruments. These guys are masters of the instrument and there is much to be learned.

Steel guitar is a musical voice that you are using to communicate what’s going on in your mind to the mind of the listener. The greatest players are the ones who are the greatest communicators. What you say and how well you say it determines how great you’ll be. Remember, I’m not saying copy these guys note for note. Why say a bunch of things somebody else has already said? I’m saying watch and learn from the techniques they use and add to your own unique style. The audience wants to hear what you have to say and you should say it the best you can and always strive to say it better.

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