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While doing a new album that will be released soon, the leader on the session made the remark that the reason unique, “… great players get a lot of work in Nashville is because of their sound.” I asked him to clarify what he had just said by saying “What do you mean their sound?”

He said “The quality of their tone and the way they deliver the notes, this having to do with the soulful feeling in the notes.” I said “So, are you telling me that great players that can just blurt out a tremendous array of notes in a short time are not as valuable as a player that plays the correct note at the right time with tone and finesse?”

He said “Oh, you have it, mighty steel player.”

This player is a big time session producer, arranger and a very hard working lead guitar player on many sessions. He was primarily talking about guitar players when he made the statement that he hired others players for their “sound”. I asked him how important execution and tone were. He said “It’s everything.” I was glad to hear him say this because this has been my thought and what I appreciate in other players for many years. Yes, it’s how you play more than what you play. Quit worrying so much about learning the new song and work on playing what you know more perfectly, with a better sound. Execution, tone, vibrato and volume pedal technique are the most importand qualities to being a great steel player. It might be nice to be able to play the Orange Blossom Special as fast as the fiddle player … or Harlem Nocturn and sound like the Ray Anthony Orchestra … but these are far from the important things you need to be concentrating on.

Here are some unadvertised specials I’ve got this week that I’ve decided to hold for my mailing list members only and are at least a third below our average selling price.

Peavey Bandit 112 New demo model – all paperwork. This amp retails over $500. Absolutely perfect, no fingerprints. I’ll sell it for $199.

Excellent condition late model Nashville 400
Starting to become rare and hard to get. I used it Saturday night on a live job in Nashville. $299.

Super rare Peavey Vegas 400 just like Buddy Emmons and John Hughey used for many years. Very good condition. $399.

Peavey Stereo Chorus
Very unique twin twelve high-output professional stereo amplifier. These amps have been used by steel players and lead players alike for many years. Retail was over $800. You can have this one for only $299. Excellent condition.

Alesis Midiverb. $179.

Brand new Peavey Blazer amplifier. $88.

The reason we are getting these great, old, rare steel guitar amplifiers in is because of taking trades on the sales of new Nashville 112 and Nashville 1000 amps. Check with me if there’s something special you’re looking for that as you can tell, these amplifiers are way below used retail.

All electronic items I sell, I do not service. They work good when they leave here but any repairs needed in the future, I recommend having the factory do the work.

Steel your buddy,


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