Counting our blessings on this day of remembrance

Hi guys and gals,

Here we stand on the second anniversary of the twin tower tradgedy. As we remember those who perished in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania, I think how lucky I am that my life revolves around the love I have for steel guitar instead of the destructive world of terrorism. I can’t help but think how much better off the world would be and how much happier we all would be if these venemous monsters of hate would have concentrated on creating the beautiful sounds of music on a steel guitar.

I heard a pilot say at the airport the other day … mankind has wanted to be able to fly from one place to the other ever since the beginning of mankind. Only in the past hundred years have we been able to do so. So why don’t we all do it? Only in the past fifty years has man been able to make incredible steel guitar music. Kind of makes me wonder why more of us don’t do it. To me, the pedal steel guitar and being able to play it, is a true blessing and I am very thankful for the intelligence to be able to understand and appreciate it’s beauty. Obviously, so are you. On this anniversary of despair and devastation, I have to look around and realize how lucky I am to be a steel guitarist and enjoy the fruits it has to offer. I know all of you must feel the same way about your craft and hobby.

Don’t hold yourself back. Enjoy steel guitar to it’s fullest and don’t forget those who perished two years ago today.

Your buddy,


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