Bobbe admits “I am a know-it-all”.

Hi guys and gals,

I have been accused on the two steel guitar forums of being or at least acting like a know-it-all when it comes to steel guitar products. Well possibly I do because possibly I am a know-it-all … and you readers that are on my mailing list are also going to be educated know-it-alls because you are on this mailing list … and here’s why.

I am in the unique position of having the world’s largest steel guitar store with 35 to 75 guitars on the floor at all times. This attracts the finest steel guitar players on the planet. When these great, well known steel players come in, they always want to experiment, try and compare guitars, amps and other products that I have in the store. Not only am I expounding information that is my own opinion but also, the opinions of highly touted players of our great industry. For instance, in the last month or so, I have had players such as JD Maness, John Hughey, Larry Sasser, Don Helms, Jim Vest, Mike Fried, Doug Jernigan, Tommy Hannum, Pete Finney and many others. This list could go on forever. These people all are very vocal and passionate about their opinions and most are unbiased toward any particular brand or product. Whatever they use has to be the finest … they can’t afford to use second best.

Luckily, the unique position I’m in puts me in the center of the finest minds in the industry and obviously because I am … and because I’m vocal on this mailing list … you are also in the center of this. You, the readers and subscribers to this mailing list, are all directly tapped into the finest minds of the industry. Also, any feedback from you will be fed back directly to them through your emails to me. So as you can see, you are also in the loop and part of this big picture.

My unique position allows me to play and compare a larger selection of guitars, amps and accessories than any other player on the planet, to spend more hours comparing these products with the finest players in the world and experimenting and learning together with them … and if passing this experience and knowledge on to others makes me a know-it-all, then I can only say I’m guilty … but so are you because I’m telling you everything I know.


P.S. Don’t forget to check out the great interview with Jay Dee Manass on the SGN-News page of the website. For any of you in Ireland or who can make it to Ireland, I will be playing at the Irish Steel Guitar Festival October 18-19. Even if you can’t come, go checkout their website at

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