A very special Emmons push-pull, picking for optimum tone

Hi guys and gals,

This is the first time I have ever offered a special guitar of this quality, rarity, caliber and heritage first to my mailing list members. If no one on the mailing list buys this guitar in 3 weeks, the price will be raised and I will put it on my website for the general population.

Here is the item: 1969 Emmons Double-neck black 8 and 4, Serial Number 1269D… of which only 53 were built. Fourteen years ago this guitar was on my floor with 6 or 7 other Emmons push-pulls when J.D.Maness of Dukes of Hazzard fame and Danny Mohammed who had just joined the Ray Price band, came in my store looking for the best Emmons PP they could find.

After comparing and analyzing my stock for several hours, they settled on this particular guitar. Danny proceded to buy the guitar and worked as Ray Price’s main steel guitarist for 14 years. He just reluctently traded this in to me for a new Emmons LeGrande. This guitar has been totally accurized in fretboard placement, roller and mechanism return and maintained by myself and Mike Cass over the past 14 years. This is truly the Emmons guitar of Emmons guitars. My original plan was to totally disassemble the guitar, have all the aluminum professionally buffed and cleaned and possibly re-mica the guitar and just generally do a total refurbishment. But after looking at the guitar and having seen Danny play this many times with Ray on the many package shows we worked together over the past 14 years, it seems to me that the heritage and value of this guitar would be worth more in the original state that it is in which is still very nice. It has typical little nicks and dings and fingerprints from over the years but absolutely no damage other than slight cosmetic. As a working steel guitar, it has no equal. This guitar is very well known by thousands of players and has been seen by the hundreds of thousands of fans who have come to see the great Ray Price in concert. I will offer to my mailing list customers for the retail price of the guitar that was traded to Danny for it which is $3375. If this guitar is not picked up by one of you, it will go on the website at a much higher price which will be much closer to it’s true value as a great, playable, collector item.

A great trick that I may have mentioned a couple of years ago about obtaining good tone from your steel guitar is to pick the string always exactly half way between the bar and the bridge. This technique works very well for beautiful slow and medium tempo songs and is the way to get the optimum tone that your guitar can possibly deliver. Now when it comes to playing fast, this technique is not good because you cannot keep your right hand in the middle between the bar and the bridge because of having to move the bar a lot faster. Also, the closer you pick to the bridge when you’re picking fast, the less elastic the strings feel to your picks and the more accurate your picking will be. You also have the added advantage of the strings being slightly further apart in the bridge or changer area. You can see where you pick is important as it relates to the tempo of the song. This is a tip also works very well on any stringed instrument … guitar, mandolin etc. Play fast, pick near the bridge … play full and sweet, pick closer to the center of the neck. Try it, you’ll like it.

Since I haven’t had a sale in a pretty good while, I am going to have a very private sale to my mailing list folks only on an item that we usually can’t even get enough of. This is going to be a way of saying thank you for being on my mailing list.

Many of you have asked me recently about buying an inexpensive lapsteel to use for practice and to take on trips where you don’t have room for a pedal guitar and possibly on your professional job to play as a rock n roll screamer or whatever … so I just bought several Morrell six string lapsteels brand new from the manufacturor. These retail for $299. and I usually sell them for $199. Now, because you need them and I owe you thanks for being here, I’ll sell them to you for $129.99 plus shipping and insurance. This I will only be able to do one time as there is no profit in this deal for me at all … so here’s your chance. My non-pedal videos are the perfect companion for this deal. (Shhhh! See how sneaky I am by trying to make my profit by selling videos!)

Your buddy





P.S. I also have a couple of these in 8 string for $229 … regularly $399. Chrome telescopic legs can be added to any of these guitars for a nominal fee.

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