Triggering the crazy memories of a steel guitarist

Hello fellow players,

I’m sure we all have items in the world of steel guitar that trigger our happiness, things that we love that trip our trigger. Things like a great amplifier with good tone that isn’t very heavy. Things like a new steel guitar or possibly an old steel guitar that’s collectible and hard to find, like an old Bigsby or old Sho-Bud Permanent steel guitar or old tube type Standel or possibly a Fender Bassman amp from the late fifties. There are many things that make us say “Wow. I wish I had one!”

Watching a television program called Chasing Classic Cars got me thinking about how much time I’ve spent chasing classic steel guitars and watching the car auctions on the motoring channels on T.V. has made me apply my thoughts to steel guitar.

I’m always looking for something weird and old. I love old Sho-Bud pack-a-seats, MSA volume pedals, Bigsby volume pedals. Sure I have a lot of things that don’t work and that I don’t need, but I get a real cool smile on my face when I think about the main closet in my house full of Sho-Bud amps, Sho-Bud volume pedals, Fender non-pedal guitars, Gibson lapsteels and strange effects like a little junior organ effect or Fuzz Tones that lend their abilities to steel guitar.

There’s nothing like a Boss-Tone and a nice little echo unit to make you sound better no matter what kind of music you play. These are little things that trigger my happiness buttons. Before I moved to Nashville back in the fifties, the thought of a Sho-Bud Permanent steel guitar built by Shot Jackson and his two sons was a turn-on that kept me from being a straight A student in school. Just thinking about Sho-Bud steel guitars occupied most of my conscious moments.

But now that I look back on that part of my life I was so absorbed with steel guitar that nothing else really mattered anyway. So I got my pleasures out of life by leading my life the way I really felt it. I always had the great tunes of Webb Pierce, Ray Price, Faron Young, Jimmy Dickens, Carl Smith and many others whirling through my mind like a musical freight train.

If I had it to do again, would I do it the same way? Yes, I probably would. I could’ve been an engineer with the right education, possibly a great football player. I know I could’ve been a good machinist and several other things. My mom and dad wanted me to be a banker. Thank God I didn’t listen to them.

I can’t imagine anything that I could’ve done in my life that I would’ve enjoyed anymore than just being a steel guitar player. Fun and financially rewarding up to a point and one of the greatest things about me making this choice was getting to meet so many people all over the world and if you haven’t been one of them yet, let’s make it a point to fix that in the near future.

If you’re as crazy about steel guitar as I am, I want to shake your hand. Come by the store here and show me what you think is your greatest lick that you’ve learned on such and such a song. I’ll do the same for you and I’ll guarantee you we’ll both walk away smarter. Come by and I’ll show you everything I know. It won’t take but a minute!

Think about what trips your trigger and I’ll see if I can furnish it to you.

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Your buddy,


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