You Need Another Steel Guitar!

Hello fans and fellow players,

Now I’m going to harp about this at least one more time and put the facts right out on the table. If you are a steel guitarist that works for money and you only own one guitar, you’re still a hardcore amateur. You have to have several guitars for several reasons. If you’re recording, you need several for the different tones they provide. It’s hard to play like Ralph Mooney on an Emmons guitar and sell it authentically.

Different guitars for different styles. Lapsteels for that Hawaiian sound. Jerry Byrd Rickenbacker for that big, fat, wonderful tone that he had. Fenders will give you a different tone than any steel you could think about replacing it with. Then there’s the fact that if anything happens to one guitar that you’re using, you are going to need to grab something else quick to take to the job to make money with.

If you’re a carpenter, you own more than one hammer. If you’re a pipefitter, you own more than one pipe wrench. If you are a professional auto mechanic, you’ll have hundreds of wrenches and tools.

You think steel guitars are too expensive? Why worry? You’ll get all your money back plus when you sell it or trade it in. Steel guitars are tools. They are beautiful, they go up in value and played correctly with a smile, will make you money.

Think about this. If you had an extra couple thousand dollars to put into your gear and the people that hired you knew that you had a lot of this gear, your phone will most likely ring a lot more no matter where you live in the world.

I have steel players come into my store all the time wanting to borrow a steel guitar or an amplifier or even rent one and I do rent them at times, but I think it’s very foolish for them not have an extra guitar or amp at home because if they don’t, it will cost them money they don’t need to be spending on rental fees.

Maybe you are that auto mechanic that works all week on folks automobiles, but only play in church on weekends. With the investment that you get back on a steel guitar, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have other guitars and watch them go up in value.

Buy the right guitars of course. Don’t buy the wrong guitars. Guitars that don’t seem to go up in value. I’ll be glad to help you stay away from. There are many guitars that continue to keep going up, several of which I wish I had more of myself. There are even two or three brands of amplifiers that are collectible, but be very careful collecting these. Parts availability and condition mean everything on these amplifiers just like steel guitars.

How many guitar players do you know that only have one guitar? In Nashville, when you hire a guitar player, he’ll show up with about eight guitars in his car and have a cartage service show up with about fifteen more for just one session. He may only use one, but then again, he may use five or six different ones, shake his head and say, “Darn. I wish I had brought my D’Angelico.”

But all guitar players have many different kinds of guitars to cover the job. How many times have you seen rock bands with guitar and bass players that switch guitars between every song and sometimes in the middle of a song?

All us steel players lay back and wonder why we’re not getting any work. It may be something as simple as not having enough tools to do the job right. Chad Udeen is one of those players who comes to a country job loaded for bear. He is working with Gary Allan and earns every bit of his money. He is a brilliant young player that can play hard rock, hard country and is continuing to expand his limits. I see him and wonder why other steel players don’t apply themselves so willingly and diligently.

If you are a steel player that’s trying to fill out your working collection of equipment, if you buy more than one thing at a time, pro or not, I will give you a tremendous discount on your second instrument.

We still have free shipping within the lower 48 on any steel guitar you buy between now and the end of the month.

Check out our monthly specials at and we’ll try to save you a lot of money.

The friend of all bar holders,
Bobbe Seymour

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  1. Marvin Ward says:

    Where can I buy a good Pedal Steel Guitar amp? Thanks

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