Letter From Aaron Doyle

Hello fellow players,

Here is an email I got from Aaron Doyle in reply to my last newsletter. I think it speaks for itself.

Here it is:

Well said, Bobbe. At some point many of us are fortunate enough to own 2 or more guitars. As you know I am a guitarist who owns 12 guitars and, each one has its own tone and personality. Some have one gauge strings with certain tonal qualities while others have a different tone and sound.

Obviously, the difficult part of owning 2 of anything when first starting out is money. My first 3 years as a professional player I owned one guitar as to the cost of owning 2 was not possible.

Later as I played more often and made more money, I purchased another and another. The groups I played in as the years progressed always carried extra amps, mics, cords, etc. Oh! My cousin, Dennis Crouch, owns a number of high quality bass guitars so it is not just us guitar players.

Weather here in the Quad Cities (Upper western Illinois is cold). I am working on putting ‘sets’ together with a new Alesis SR 18 and Digitech vocalizer. Finally getting some energy back after a long 4 year battle with lymphoma, so, I am hoping to play some solo gigs. It is not that I want to play alone (I really like the camaraderie of fellow musicians) but, as I am entering my 60s it has become more difficult to get musicians to commit to a schedule of rehearsals, jobs, hours etc. And not all are retired as I am.

Have a blessed day,

Thank you Aaron for that email. I hope it encourages other players to think as we do.

For anyone not familiar with Aaron’s cousin Dennis Crouch, Google him and you’ll find out what an accomplished Nashville player he is. He is one of the co-founders of The Time Jumpers. Here is a link that will get you started: www.bassfrontiersmag.com

Dennis is the upright bass player Maurice and I used on our show when we recorded our Nashville Jam Session DVD which you can order at www.steelguitar.net/videos.html

One more item then I’ll call it quits for today. I am taking trade-ins of any brand of old film camera to donate to a film photography school. So if you’ve gone digital and have an old film camera around collecting dust, let’s make a deal.

Once again, I’m offering free shipping within the continental United States on any guitar bought through the end of the month.

See our monthly specials at … www.steelguitar.net/monthlyspecials.html.

The friend to all bar holders,
Bobbe Seymour

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