Why Steel Guitar?

Hello fans and fellow players,

Why steel guitar? Because it’s a musical instrument that sounds different from any other one. A band or orchestra is a combination of several instruments that all sound different from each other. All have different qualities to add to the group as a whole. If players of other instruments would realize this, they wouldn’t be looking down on steel guitar and thinking it’s a novelty instrument. If they were in a band with a great steel player like Maurice Anderson, they would surely gain new respect and he may also bring their ego down several notches being the great musician he is.

Steel guitar is an instrument that can do anything. A great musician that plays steel guitar can pretty well show the world that it’s not a novelty instrument only good to open up cartoons from the thirties. No instrument can replace bass in the band because we have to have low notes to complete the audio spectrum. That means bass guitar, bass fiddle, a bassoon or a steel guitar with the correct strings tuned low.

We also have to have great rhythm instruments in a band like piano, guitar, drums and similar instruments. A good band has got to have instruments that play rhythm and instruments throughout the whole audio spectrum, instruments that play pizzicato and instruments to flow very smoothly, all kinds of instruments.

Just like that famous rock n roll producer in Nashville, Tommy Cogbill. Tommy told me one time in the middle of one of our motorcycle rides that no matter how wild and screaming his rock n roll productions were, he wanted to produce something beautiful in every song he produced. Every song no matter what, needs something pretty in it.

He produced a song called Angel of the Morning with Merrilee Rush. Tommy used me on several of his rock recordings and overdubs. He was a wonderful guy that made a big name for himself in Memphis during his rock years.

Some of the greatest recordings and productions in the world have used brash horns, violent rhythm sections and beautiful string sections. Barry White, Andy Williams, Elvis P. and thousands of others. I really don’t understand why steel guitar is not used on everything because it definitely adds one of the most beautiful parts to any recording.

I’ve mentioned working with four piece groups many times in my newsletters. Bass, drums, guitar and steel. Think about it. With a very great steel player and guitar player, this is about all that should ever be needed. It just gets a little boring hearing this combination over and over and over all night at a club unless the players are truly exceptional.

You may ask, why not replace the steel with a piano? My answer is a piano can be a little too staccato after a long period of time. Steel guitar can be smooth and soothing. The guitar can do the staccato part. The steel can do the big chords, be pop, jazzy and corny. All it takes is a great player. Some of the greatest music I’ve ever heard in my life was the Phil Baugh Quartet with the great Curly Chalker on steel.

Show me a band without a good steel guitar player and I’ll show you a band that’s missing something it needs. I’m not talking about a steel player that just plays E9th country, as that is not enough. I’m talking about a steel guitar player that’s a musician that can play anything, any style. These guys should work forever and the people hiring them should work forever including the band leader.

If you’re sweetheart didn’t give you a new steel guitar for Valentine’s Day, I’m giving you free shipping on any steel guitar from now until the end of the month. Just don’t expect candy from me. Of course, this goes along with the standard discounts on all we offer. I will allow you a minimum amount for your film camera, 35mm or two and a quarter square format.

All equipment that I take in trade on steel guitars and amplifiers is being donated to a local film photography school. I’ll give you what I can for it, but nowhere near what they used to be worth.

Check out our monthly specials at www.steelguitar.net/monthlyspecials.html and we’ll try to save you a lot of money.

The friend of all bar holders,
Bobbe Seymour

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