JR Ross, Derby Guitar Company, Peterson Tuners

Hello fans and fellow players,

I would very much like to thank JR Ross for this email that I am sending you all to read over. I think he makes some excellent points and it needs to be shared with all the players on my list.


Great post. Allow me to add to your post about great players. Using Jeremy Lin was a great comparison to pointing out his ability to excel in his sport like a lot of the super stars around him. Buddy Emmons is a superstar in his own right but think about all the great steel guitarists that never had the chance to be recognized cause they never got a break. Maybe some of em never left their house and only serenade to 4 walls cause they had great ability but didn’t have the personality to play in front of people. Or maybe they weren’t in the right place at the right time.

This almost happened to Jeremy Lin. He was close to giving up and getting a day job because of all the rejections. He got cut from several teams and he was overlooked in some cases just because nobody believed an oriental could excel in basketball. Now he is outperforming 80 percent or more of the players in the NBA and the Knicks got him for peanuts cause nobody had faith in him. I’m sure he will be in line now for a super star high dollar contract.

How many more undiscovered Jeremy Lins are out there that should have gotten a chance at basketball? This applies also to our undiscovered Steel guitarists still out there. Don’t you think?

Your buddy,

Bob Callaway called me from Derby Guitar and let me know that their production has slowed down dramatically, but they are not totally out and they have not let previous customers of Derby Guitar Company without a supply of parts and service. Bob is a wonderful guy and will help any Derby owner or anybody that will need parts for similar guitars.

Peterson tuners have been such a big hit with steel guitar players. They are dropping their present model and will be coming out with a new model in July. This company has made some amazing products and we are so happy to be a dealer for them.

Well it’s almost springtime and you know what that means. I feel most of you can find more places to work and more jobs to play throughout the summer. Now may be the time to make sure all your equipment is in excellent shape, that you’ve got a good supply of all the extras you may need such as strings, cords, an extra bar and power supply. Just be prepared for the upcoming gig season.

We have a previously owned Lloyd Green Sho-Bud that will be a tremendous value along with an immaculate Professional and a very exciting Super Pro with six knee levers and eight pedals like the factory delivered it. The Super Pro has got the tone that everybody looks for in any guitar, not just Sho-Bud. Pictures should be on the website in the coming week.

All these will be priced below retail so if you’re looking for a great professional previously owned steel guitar in immaculate condition, one of these three might be for you.

Check out our monthly specials at www.steelguitar.net/monthlyspecials.html and we’ll try to save you a lot of money.

The friend of all bar holders,
Bobbe Seymour

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2 Responses to JR Ross, Derby Guitar Company, Peterson Tuners

  1. Mike May says:

    Could I get a rod chart for an SD10 3&2 changer ?? also are there any changer parts available??? any parts for that matter…

  2. Bobby Lee says:

    Bobbe passed away a few years ago, and the store has closed. Try asking your questions on The Steel Guitar Forum. Someone there should be able to help you.

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