Chris Scruggs re: Bigsby Guitars

Hello fans and fellow players,

I want to pass on this email I got from a phenomenal young man that I’m proud to call my friend, Mr. Chris Scruggs. He says it all. I can’t add anything.

Hi Bobbe,

On the subject of Bigsby guitars, I just thought I’d let you know a six string “standard” Bigsby guitar with no name artist affiliation recently sold at auction for around $270,000. The reason for this is that the Bigsby standard guitar, originally designed by Merle Travis, was the precursor to all solid body electrics to follow.

The Fender Telecaster (first year 1950), Stratocaster (first year 1954) and Gibson Les Paul (first year 1952) all owe a debt of gratitude to the Bigsby guitar design of 1947.

Much is the same with Bigsby steel guitars. Can you imagine where pedal steel would have gone if it’s evolution ended with the Gibson Electraharp? The pedal steel playing style, design and sound has everything to do with P.A. Bigsby’s design, ingenuity and imagination.

A world with no Bigsby would mean no Sho-Bud, therefore no Emmons and therefore nobody else!

We are lucky as steel guitarists that people can still buy these highly significant, well designed guitars for the relatively low sum of $10K-$40K.

It’s a bargain compared to the $270,000 their six string siblings go for!

Your buddy,
Chris Scruggs

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The friend of all bar holders,
Bobbe Seymour

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