Changing opinions, keeping an open mind

Hi guys and gals,

How many people do you know that once they form an opinion of someone or something, good or bad, they keep that opinion even if all the facts prove that opinion wrong? You’ve even heard people say, once my minds made up, that’s it, nothing can change it. To me that’s like saying my mind is closed, I’m not ever gonna think again.

I have been in business well over 20 years and have seen steel guitar companies and great players come and go. I’ve seen youthful players come in here and play who I never thought had a chance, only to see them prosper greatly over a period of time. I have also seen new companies come out with products that I personally didn’t like at all and let the world know it in the interest of being a good consumer advocate for my fellow players. Many of these companies have gotten their acts together and improved the product to the point where I have changed my mind about it’s worth to the steel guitar community. Just like the players that couldn’t play in the beginning that turned out to be great players, some companies who built questionable products in the beginning are doing a wonderful job today … so I reserve the right to change my opinion as new facts come to light.

Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. Some companies that were doing a good job 15 years ago, are resting on their laurels today. This could be because of newer employees that just don’t care or company presidents that now have other priorities. These companies go from my good list to my bad list. There are some brands of guitars that I was very hot on 10 to 15 years ago that today are mere shadows of their former selves … and I also know of 2 companies that were pretty poor in the beginning that have worked hard to raise the quality and sound of their products. Again, it would be very unfair of me not to change my mind and opinions of these companies as they change their quality and performance.

I see, play, buy and sell more steel guitars per month than anyone else on the planet. Being a professional, under pressure steel guitarist in Nashville for many years, I am extremely attuned to quality. I do not buy, sell or handle in any way, any product that I personally don’t believe in and wouldn’t use myself. There are many steel guitars being made today that I could make a lot of money on, but my reputation and integrity is not for sale. I will not endorse anything that I won’t use myself and once again, I reserve the right to change my mind and opinions as the facts change.

Always keep an open mind, you may be surprised at what you can learn.

Your buddy,


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